Out of the Mothballs

I pulled this tank top out last week. I made it in Spring.  Of 2009.  And never wore it.  It was my end of semester assignment for machine knitting class : design an create a tank top for yourself.  And this is what I made.

I remember choosing the pinkish bamboo yarn and realizing it was so thin I would have to use two strands of it together.  I remember I didn’t yet know about all the possibilities the knitting machine offered me and I remember that I didn’t want something too fussy.  A friend measured me more thoroughly than I’ve ever been measured.  I drew my body and drew my tank top on top of it.  I transferred that information to the program we were using.  DAK7.  And I knit it.  I remember that knitting wasn’t that much work.  But sewing it up…  By hand. Hours and hours of work.  I matched those side seams tiny stitch to tiny stitch.  If you could look at it closely, you would see how perfectly those little stitches match up.  And that was the easy part!  The binding at the neckline and armholes was knit and then sewn on.  By hand again.  I can’t remember what technique I used but I remember sitting there in the dyeing lab, sewing up those trims.  Looking at it closely, I may have used a crochet seam.


See? The finishing is pretty much perfect.

But I remember.  It felt naked somehow.  So I crocheted a flower out of that same bamboo yarn.  I wanted three but got sick of it after one.  And I attached it.   It was floppy.  That bamboo.  It has no body whatsoever.  I’m lucky the seams and the tightness of the neckline’s bind off have kept it from stretching out of shape.  That flower though.  So floppy.

I pulled it out last week.  I tried it on.  That flower was still so floppy.  I cut it off.  Much better.  Back in 2009, it fit well.  I still hadn’t lost the baby weight from souricette 1.  And now, I still haven’t lost the weight from souricette 2.  So my tank top fits well.  And without that flower?  I really like it, actually.  My tank top doesn’t deserve to languish in the mothballs.  Besides, the moths have never been interested in it…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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2 comments on “Out of the Mothballs
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