Sunki, Take Two

I thought this one would be quick and easy!  The first flip went so well and I was getting over my fear of knit fabrics.  And poof!  Everything that could go wrong went wrong.  Or rather, I forgot to listen to that little voice that tells you something is off…

And it started so well…  I used the same fabrics as for the first flip.  I started with the leggings.  Those went really well.  I just added a stripe down the side.

Then, I wanted to make a T-shirt pattern from the dress.  I put the dress pattern up against souricette 1’s body and marked where I thought the waist was and cut it there.  I added 1.5″ for a hem.  I thought I might need to make the sleeves and body narrower for a better fit but I didn’t.  It’s a little too wide now.  I’m thinking of redoing the side seams to take it in but I’m afraid of what that might do to the contrast panels on the side.  But that wasn’t the only issue.  When souricette 1 tried her T-shirt on, it was too short.  So I added a gathered peplum.  I had an awful time unpicking the hem.  Some holes appeared so I had to lose some more length on the top.  It looks really cute with the leggings though!

Finally, I wanted to make a reversible skirt to go with the leggings and top.  On one side, I just modified the pattern to have deeper pockets.  On the other side, I messed around with a little bit of color blocking.  I just wanted to continue the curved lines of the pattern.  I made a mistake when I added the seam allowances so one of the pieces doesn’t match up perfectly at the side seams.  Still a cute skirt though!

 It would be best with a more fitted T-shirt though so I’ll be making one of those in the near future.  A project for KCW?  Maybe…

Flip This Pattern

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3 comments on “Sunki, Take Two
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  2. What? Others have ‘issues’ when sewing?? I thought that was just us!! I’m glad you persevered….and the outfit will get lots of wear this fall / winter. The contrasting blue really pops against the neckline and shoulder seam area!! Nice touch of detail there…


  3. […] it until I gave up.  It became a dress.  And pj pants for Mr. Mouse.  It got used for a couple flips.  There was still enough to make the dress for me.  I never let anyone touch that bird fabric! […]


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