Brooklyn Bridge

I was saving these for Photo Monday but Reasons.

1. I haven’t finished the dress I created yet.

2. Current mommy and girls crafting projects aren’t finished.

3. Progress on any of my projects cannot be photographed due to crappy weather.

So today.  I was going to call the post Photo Monday, part 2 or Photo Friday with a question mark but I’m feeling just as crappy as the weather so no wannabe witty title.

These photos.  I took them last Sunday morning.  I dropped Mr. Mouse off at the Staten Island ferry and walked all the way to the bridge and over it.  In my mind, I was going to have some beautiful sun and beautiful pictures.  But it was cloudy and there was construction and I was so very disappointed.  The images in my mind weren’t there.  But I was on the bridge and I had planned on taking photos so I took photos.  They didn’t look like anything special  right then.

When we got home, I uploaded everything to the computer and just got a glimpse of my bridge pictures before focusing what little energy I still had on getting the Mr. Mouse pics up.  That glimpse was enough to intrigue me.  And this week, I went back to get another look once, twice, thrice.  Each time, I liked them just a little bit more.  Those clouds that blocked the sun gave them all a bit of a monochromatic look, allowing the lines to shine.  So I took them further along that path and made them black and white.  Then, I had a little fun with the colorize function in Gimp.  Just a wee bit of color to make them a little more dimensional.  The grey tones were a little flat.  I brightened them up a touch and  bumped the contrast up a little and now, they make me happy.

I think the one with the Williamsburg bridge in the background is my favorite.  But they all make me really really happy.

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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