My thoughts.  They are not organized.  Is that what having kids does to you?  I’ve started this post what, 3 times?  More?  I can’t even count anymore.  I feel like I haven’t made anything in months.  My apron is the last thing I finished.

I used to be so productive.

What happened?

Oh.  Yeah.  The knitting machine happened.  As much as I love that thing, as much as it really is what I love doing best, it’s a loooong process.  It isn’t like when I sew or knit up a pattern I bought.  There’s the whole design process to contend with and it’s slow going. Especially when I only get 2.5 hours per weekday while souricette 2 is in preschool.  As soon as I get into a good groove, I have to stop and go pick her up.  I use her nap to work on the designs on the computer to maximize knitting time when she’s gone.

So no sewing.  No quick fix.

Besides, if I’ve learned one thing since KCW, it’s that both girls have plenty of clothes.  They don’t actually need anything.  I may as well focus on my own designs.

But I do miss sewing.  Actually, I’m seeing that I need it.  I need to see results every once in a while in order to keep my spirits up.  And there are a few holes in my wardrobe. A few things I’ve been looking for but not finding.  I figure I should make these items.  It might take me time but I could get everything to fit exactly the way I want…  And it takes me out of the consumerism trap.

Or does it?

Ever since I wrote that post about fashion responsibility, I’ve tried to pay attention to my purchases.  I did buy that organic cotton interlock.  I just have to confess that another non organic cotton fabric found its way into the order but I haven’t bought any other fabrics.  Which isn’t to say I haven’t been wanting to buy! has some really good sales on right now and some of the fabrics are calling my name, not a single one of them organic or recycled.  I’m desperately trying to resist…  And I found another site : Organic Cotton Plus. Anyone know them? Anyone use them?  What’s the fabric like?  What’s the service like?  It looks so very interesting…

No fabric.  No fabric!  I have plenty.  So what did I do?  Sigh.  Patterns.  Nine of them with a tenth coming soon.  And almost all of them want me to get fabric for them.

I’ve loved this dress for a long time. I don’t have enough yardage to make it…

These seem to have the wider leg opening I like on my shorts. And they’d look great in that double sided plaid from…

Wide leg pants want me to buy a pretty summery fabric. To replace my beloved pants that got ripped last Summer…

So pretty! This one wants me to make a sleeveless version in wool. I don’t have any wool fabric.

I’ve been wanting a light sporty coat and not finding just the right thing. Now that I have the pattern, I’m obviously going to need the fabric…

Ah… This one is for the next Flip This Pattern. It’s the only one of the bunch that wants me to use something I have. I think. I hope.

The pattern suggests power stretch fleece and I agree. I want some lightweight fleece. I really really want some lightweight fleece.

This one wants me to buy a sweater knit. Long sleeved version in a lightweight sweater knit.

I have been looking everywhere these past two Summers for an easy knit dress. This could seriously become a warm weather staple.

And the one I haven’t bought yet. At least I have fabric for it…

Do you see?  Do you see how these patterns have gotten together with fabric shops to keep me buying and buying?  It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!  No matter what, I’m pulled toward that consumer culture.  Oh, I know, I know, it’s better to buy patterns, fabric, yarn, fleece because I’ll be making something.  It’s just fascinating to see how it always comes down to buying and having more than you actually need.

I’ll promise this.  I won’t buy any fabric until I’ve sewn up that top with the interlock.  And until I’ve completed the design for souricette 1’s hat.  Deal?

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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  1. Interesting thoughts. The statistics lab I am trying to finish has eaten my brain so I can’t verbalize it right now, but somewhere in the back of my head there’s an argument that a moderate stash isn’t terrible in terms of consumerism. Maybe I’ll be able to elaborate after I’ve thought it over for a few days. In any case I admire your resolution (I have a similar one with respect to yarn at the moment). Have fun with those patterns!


  2. […]  Anyway, something tailored but not too tailored.  And I saw Peony.  In fact, I saw her last year, didn’t I?  Even back then, I knew I wanted to make her with wool.  And I bought that wool […]


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