The Elf Hat

I’ve been wanting to show off this hat forever.  It’s my best design to date.  I created it before I even got pregnant with souricette 2.  I worked really hard on it, made 3 sizes and 4 designs.  And then pregnancy and baby kept me from my knitting machine.  I stored the hats and all the samples I’d made.

When I wanted to pull the hats out again, I couldn’t find them.  Worse, I couldn’t find any documentation on my design!  I had the stitch patterns but no shape files or even a document.  Baby brain must have gotten to me because this is so unlike me.  You should see the files I created for my school projects.  My teacher always complimented me on them.  They were clear, concise, and had all the information I needed to reproduce the exact same item.

And then, as you may have guessed…  I found the hats!  And my information.  Still no shape files and no document but I have notes on the 3 sizes, complete with measurements.  No notes on the tension but it somehow got stuck in my brain and I knew the right one right away.  I should hurry up and create the shape files and document…

I used 2 strands are superfine merino wool.  That stuff is so soft!  Both of my girls can be picky about wool next to their skin but they love this yarn.  You have to wash it by hand but I use a wool wash so no rinsing required.  I made 6 inch long braids on either side of the hat to tie it.  It’s plenty for a bow but short enough for safety.

I let souricette 2 choose which hat she wanted to model.  She picked the purple and orange one with the rose pattern.  It happened to be a size 2 which is perfect for her right now.  The size 1 is meant for a 1-year-old but the hat is so stretchy that she could wear it.

Souricette 1 liked that size 1 hat better than this one at the same age (she wore one in 2 shades of green with a leaf pattern).  I’ve tried a size 3 sample on souricette 1 and it fits perfectly.  I just don’t like the stitch pattern on it.  So that design I’ve been working on?  It’s a new stitch pattern to make her an elf hat.  I’ll let her pick the colors.  Or I’ll just go for purple and pink or some other combination she’s likely to enjoy…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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6 comments on “The Elf Hat
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