Chickadee Blouse Flip

Like I said yesterday, my Chickadee blouse flip was a piece of my Winter Wonderland outfit.  When the PRP season was announced, I knew that I would have to incorporate this month’s flip into one of my outfits if I wanted to do it all.  This was the right moment.

I love the whole Chickadee outfit and wish I’d had the time to flip the skirt too.  It’s so cute!  As it is, I had to settle for the blouse.

I love asymmetry but in this case, I had to lose it.  It just wouldn’t have worked with the cape.  And neither would the collar.  I also felt that the blouse would work better with the cape if the opening was in the back.  I turned the front yokes into a single piece, cut on the fold.

And then I split the back yoke into two.

I wanted a little less fullness in the blouse so I removed the pleat from the front part of the blouse but kept the back one.

Finally, I replaced the collar with some pretty lace and used metallic thread in my machine to embroider “snowflakes” along the bottom of the front yoke.

You can’t tell in the pictures but the fabric is shimmery cotton voile.  It’s like they integrated superfine glitter into the cotton.  It’s very subtle.  Now, cotton voile is a very light fabric but this was a supposed to be a Winter look.  To make the blouse warmer, I chose white cotton flannel for the yoke facing.  I also made a flannel lining for the lower blouse portions.  I chose not to line the sleeve because souricette 1’s school is overheated but I added elastic at the wrists to keep the wind out.

Flip This Pattern

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15 comments on “Chickadee Blouse Flip
  1. Angie says:

    This is so delicate and pretty!!! Love it.


  2. I spy a button we used on CL’s cape….isn’t it so seasonally appropriate?? And the neckline?? Great minds think alike :)…. Wonderful flip!


  3. Very pretty. I love the metallic thread snowflakes. It is beautiful blouse with such subtle metallic touches that it doesn’t even approach ostentatious. I hope you win the sew along flip because it is gorgeous.


  4. Cindy says:

    The blouse is gorgoeus! I love the lace around the neck in place of the collar.


  5. Sara Soares says:

    The blouse is so beautiful! And I loved the whole outfit for Winter Wonderland. You have golden hands…


  6. I am such a big fan of incorporating lace into designs, and this is a perfect use of it. Also love the snowflake detailing on the yoke. Well done and thanks for playing along on Frances Suzanne this month, especially with all the other “projects” you have going on!


  7. I love the concept of using lace trim as the collar! Would you mid sharing your source for the shimmery voile? I am in the market for something like that.


  8. […] is the Dalek dress. And that was supposed to be a little bit costumey.  Otherwise, it’s that blouse I made two years ago. And you can’t even see the very subtle glitter in the fabric! Even in person, it’s […]


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