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I just realized that I share a lot of sewing and machine knitting but I tend to keep quiet about my hand knitting.  That may have to do with Ravelry (the most awesome knitting/crochet website ever!)  I have knitting friends there and I share my projects with them and I never think to share them here.  Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I usually just follow a pattern so there isn’t a huge amount of creativity involved in my knitting.  Or maybe because it’s my downtime-watching-tv-passenger-in-a-car-or-train-waiting-for-the-girls-at-ballet-or-karate activity so I don’t spend that much time doing it which means projects don’t move along all that fast.  Whatever it is, I don’t seem to share it much.

But it doesn’t deserve to be ignored like that.  Hand knitting is more relaxing than machine knitting or sewing.  The knitting machine is a toddler who has to be constantly watched.  And well, I’ve had a sewing machine needle go straight through my finger once -right through the nail!- so I can’t exactly zone out while using it.  But hand knitting.  Unless I’ve picked a really complex project, I don’t need to pay that much attention.  In fact, some projects are easy enough to do with eyes closed!  There’s a slowness to hand knitting, an absence of fancy technology, and a closeness to the fiber…  Fabric can be lovely to manipulate but yarn is even closer to the animal or plant it comes from (let’s forget about acrylic for a sec, ok?)  And then if you’re the one who spun that yarn, you feel even closer.

And then, the products.  There’s something about wearing woolen hand knit socks.  Seeing your kids choose the mittens you made over the commercial ones over and over again.  Getting your kids all cozily wrapped up in the blanket you knit.  Snuggling into one of your million shawls.  Seeing your husband all toasty in the sweater you knit him.  Hours and hours and days and weeks of work.  It’s special…

So what am I knitting now?  Here…

It’s a sweater for me.  This year, it’s my turn to be cozy and wrapped in love…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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