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Albion Sewalong

I am loving this Albion sew along!  The pacing is really good.  You get a new element to work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays so you have a little extra time. You could potentially only sew on weekends without ending up with too much to do.

Here’s where I am.

I haven’t done the Friday work yet, obviously.  That will be constructing the hood.  I’ll get to that this weekend.  I’ve done three steps.  The first one was cutting fabric, interfacing, and staystitching.  Easy.  Then, sewing the yokes and shoulder seams.  I have issues with my  flat felled seams though.  The front yokes are attached with flat felled seams and I cannot for the life of me get that visible line of stitching to be straight.  I’ve drawn a line to follow and somehow always deviate just a smidge at some point.  If it was for one of the girls, I might let it slide but this is for me!  I want perfection!  I’ve done each line twice.  And I will try again.  Maybe the third time will be the charm?

See where that blue line goes crooked? I hate that!

And the third step was sewing up the in-seam pockets and side seams.  I’m having a hard time binding my seam allowances.  I often miss it on the back despite my best efforts.  I plan on fixing all of that by hand.  I love the pocket though.  Look at it!

I love that the seams are hidden inside the pocket.  I don’t like that it means that I have to press all the seam allowances toward the front.  I like side seams to be pressed open, especially when dealing with thicker fabrics.  So I decided that the back body seam allowance is pressed toward the front at pocket level (no choice) and that it is pressed to the back above the pocket.  It creates a bit of weirdness at the upper edge of the pocket where it stitches but I’d rather that than the bulk I would have at the sleeve seam otherwise.  But then, we’ll see how the jacket progresses.  I may be flipping the seam allowance forward if I realize I have to!

Has anybody else ever done this type of sew along?  I’m really liking it!  I like that I have the time to do my sewing well.  And redo it if necessary.  With Project Run & Play, I’ve gotten into a rush-rush-rush frame of mind and this sew along is forcing me to slow down and be mindful.  I appreciate that.

Further along, there will be customization options that I plan on trying out and some of my own modifications.  I can’t wait!

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