Project Sewn: Dreaming of Spring

I’ve been wanting to participate in the Project Sewn sew along ever since I found out about it.  But then, they announced this season’s dates.  There was overlap between Project Sewn and Project Run & Play and there was no way I could do both.  I forced myself to forget about it.

The themes came out.  I thought about them for 5 seconds.  I’m not doing this.  Fashion icon.  Do not try to think about it.  Make it pink.  Hmmm…  Design an outfit around a pair of shoes.  Still not thinking.  Signature style.  Forget that, I haven’t sewn for myself enough to even have the beginning of a clue as to what that would be.  But make it pink…  There actually WAS this pink rayon challis that I’d washed in order to make myself a top.  I’d even selected a pattern.  Looked like it would be quick too…

And that’s how I ended up making this for the Make it Pink challenge.

The pattern is Gypsophelia Peasant Blouse by Hot Patterns.

It ended up being much more work than I expected!  It started out fine.  I picked out my size according to the measurements (had to go get the sizing table on the Hot Patterns website).  The pattern doesn’t tell you how to finish your seam allowances so I picked my own.  French seams.  I didn’t want to attempt serging the rayon challis (it frays!) and french seams are just so pretty…  Before hemming the bottom and sleeves, I tried it on.  I should have taken a picture but it was last Friday and I just wanted to throw the top in a corner and cry.  There was so much fabric under the arms!  It was fine as long as I held my arms out but as soon as I dropped my arms to the side, it was just awful.   Nothing like the drawing.

I tried to get Mr. Mouse to add some pins to fix it but he couldn’t.  I put the top on my dress form but I was worried.  The bust and shoulder area of my dress form match me but I never got around to padding the belly area.  I tried taking it in at the princess seam but it wasn’t working.  So I went and pinned the side seam.  It actually looked better so I basted both sides and tried it on.  Still looked good.  I was hopeful but didn’t want to get too excited just yet.  I traced a new stitching line right onto my fabric.

See how much I removed from the underarm area?  Sunday night, when I finished redoing my side seams, the fit was sooooo much better.  I hemmed the bottom on Monday.  For the sleeves, I was supposed to do a gather before binding the edge.  I didn’t think that would be comfortable and I thought of using an elastic.  But I plan on wearing this in the Spring and Summer.  I will not want anything binding anywhere in the heat.  So I just did the binding on the sleeves and left them loose and open.

And I love it so much now.  The rayon challis seems like it will keep me cool.  The fit is flowy and relaxed but not sloppy.  I love how the rayon challis drapes.  It has a heaviness and slinkiness that work well here.  I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear!

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3 comments on “Project Sewn: Dreaming of Spring
  1. Major Moma says:

    It looks great and will be a wonderful warm weather blouse.


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