Wardrobe Architect – Silhouettes and Colors

The Wardrobe Architect

It occurs to me that I haven’t posted any of my work on the Wardrobe Architect series lately.  Talking about it on my blog makes me feel so self-conscious.  It feels very “Look at me!  Look at me!”  Very self-centered.  It makes me uncomfortable.  With a bunch of girlfriends in a café, sure.  In the comments section over at Coletterie, sure. But here…

On the other hand, do you really want another shot of my unfinished jacket on a dress form?  I’ve only added the hood since last time.  I tried to get that stinking flat felled seam right 4 times and it still isn’t perfect.  I’ve decided to move on.  I was supposed to have the sleeves done by today but we had a snow day yesterday.  Snow day = two souricettes at home and shoveling to do = no sewing.

So I’ve made the executive decision to talk Wardrobe Architect.  So there. Welcome to a dose of me-me-me-me.

Last time I left off, I’d done the Pinterest board with the 5 elements that describe my style.  The next week was just a worksheet where you put numbers from 0 to 10 to say how much you liked different elements.  Like, say, cardigans.  Do you like them fitted, somewhat fitted, somewhat loose or very loose?  Bunch of numbers. And then, last week, we were supposed to use this worksheet to put together our favorite silhouettes.  Polyvore was the suggested tool.  Sarai also suggested we do a few silhouettes for Winter and a few for Summer.  I did the Summer ones and then I got sick of Polyvore.  It may be that I’m just not used to it yet but it was such a drag looking for the exact items I wanted!

You can see my 6 Summer silhouettes on my Core Style board here.  I could have done more.  Like, I didn’t put in a maxi dress even though I really like to wear them in the Summer heat (with flats).  I couldn’t find the right one (perfectionist much?).  And here, I was going to break it down into “rules” but it’s too much staring at myself for comfort.  I promise I’ll get my Winter silhouettes done so follow the board if you’re interested.

The funny thing is that despite it being a silhouette exercise, I couldn’t help looking for the colors I love the most. Huh.

Which bring me to this week’s exercise.  Color story!  I love color.  I don’t wear all colors (yellow and orange hate me with a passion) but I love them all.  I’m always drawn to the paint chips at the hardware store and I could spend hours staring at the paint, pastel, pencil displays.  All those glorious colors…  Back to Wardrobe Architect.  The task this week is to create my very own color story.  There were tricks suggested to help: colors that remind you of your 5 descriptors (so mine are classic, thoughtful, natural, creative, and joy of the senses), colors that show up in your wardrobe a lot, and dominating colors in your fabric stash (and yarn stash in my case).  Honestly though, I don’t actually need the help.  So here is my color story.

I really wanted to use paint swatches from Benjamin Moore but it was too many steps.  So I picked colors from that circle thing in Word.  I put my favorite neutrals on top.  You’ll notice lots of blues.  I like blue.  I tried so hard to put in the color of a turtleneck I have.  I don’t wear it anymore but I keep it because it’s the most perfect shade of green for me.  I couldn’t even get close.  It’s a saturated deepish green with very strong blue undertones.  But not teal.  Which reminds me.  I forgot to put in a teal circle.  I didn’t put in any yellow or orange (unless you count the coral which is as orange as I can wear) but I do like prints that have a tiny bit of yellow or orange.  Like, say, a primarily blue print with touches of yellow and/or orange.
Super secret confession: Since I now live in the US, I try to use US spelling.  I still cringe a little each time I write “color”.  And when my girls sing the alphabet, it takes everything I have not to scream that it’s “zed”, not “zee”.

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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2 comments on “Wardrobe Architect – Silhouettes and Colors
  1. Ha, I was born in the US and for some reason it burns my eyes when I see the color grey spelt gray lol.


    • Oh, that one always confuses me! English is actually my second language (learned it at 5 years of age). At school, we were taught about both US and UK spelling but that we used UK spelling in Canada. I’ve been in contact with both for so long that I sometimes (often) get lost. Especially since I haven’t much education in English since I left elementary school…


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