Making Holes

It doesn’t look like I’ve been doing much creating lately, I know.  I’ve been working hard backstage though!

During last Project Run & Play, I realized that my signature style involves making my own knits on my knitting machine .  With warmer weather on the horizon though, cuddly and warm sweaters aren’t exactly useful.  Enter the lace carriage which allows me to make…. lace!

I spent the first couple of weeks of March getting reacquainted with the lace carriage.  I spent hours and hours getting it just right, using an organic cotton/linen blend that plays relatively nicely.  You’ll see what I’m making with that yarn in a few weeks, I promise.

In the meantime, the themes for this season’s Project Run & Play came out.  They’re so much fun!  And I had an idea for another lace knit.  I set to swatching.  And swatching.  And swatching.  And I learned some things.

1. Silk is so pretty, smooth, soft, shimmery…  But it’s sooo expensive and it’s a beast to work with.  Drop a stitch and it instantly unravels down a few rows.  That isn’t much of a problem when dealing with ribs or stockinette but lace?  Yeah, not gonna happen.  And the lace carriage? Can have a tendency to drop stitches…  Not a good combo.  But it’s so pretty…

2. That Jaggerspun superfine merino that I used for a skirt and a hat? Makes the cotton/linen blend look very unfriendly.  That merino played so well with the lace carriage!  I was amazed.

3. The only way to combine lace and ribs is through dropping stitches and latching them back up. I knew that already.  But I realized that the strong vertical stripe I was trying to create will only happen if you have purl columns framing the lace.  I’m getting stripes but they aren’t as strong as I wanted.

4. Plain lace knits pretty easily but it’s very limited in terms of the decreases I can do.  And the carriage always does the yarnover (the hole) before the decrease (the yarnover creates a new stitch so you need to remove another stitch to compensate).  And I’m not allowed to stack two yarnovers one on top of the other.

5. Fashion lace would allow for pretty much any combination of yarnovers and decreases.  Hmmm, except maybe the stacked yarnovers.  I wouldn’t know because I’m still scarred from the last time I tried fashion lace.  Before souricette 2 was born.

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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2 comments on “Making Holes
  1. I had no idea one could do lace on the machine. I am in awe of your persistence! Do post the final results when you have them, I’ll be waiting impatiently!


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