Drive By Posting

Three things.  No pictures.

1. I’m featured on Ajaire’s blog!  Happy dance.  Check her out too.  She’s competing in the season’s Project Run & Play and made her daughter the most adorable panda inspired outfit.

2. That little sweater I posted about?  I finished it yesterday (you’ll see on Monday!) but it completely and totally kicked my butt.  I thought I would finish Monday.  Nope.  Tuesday, then?  Nope again.  Wednesday, I vowed to stay up as long as needed to finish it.  At 1 am, I had to admit that I wouldn’t finish it and went to bed.  Finally finished it yesterday afternoon but with no energy left to spare.

2b. It’s the edges.  I have a really hard time finding the right way to finish the edges.  Store bought knits behave well when machine sewn.  Hand knit stuff is usually assembled with special hand sewing techniques.  This stuff…  Too fine for the hand sewing techniques (besides, I had cut edges) but a little too squooshy for the sewing machine.  And seriously, there’s little to no information on this subject out there…  So I’m afraid my finishing isn’t up to my standards but there’s no more time to mess around with it.  I just have room to learn and grow then, right?  I’m pretty sure souricette 1 won’t mind too much. (Confirmed.  I showed her the sweater, she tried it on and wanted to keep it on.  I said she could only start wearing it once we had pictures and she whined, “But it’s so cozy!”)

3. I had all these plans for the week.  I was going to get my week 3 PRP outfit finished and have gobs of time to work on my signature style outfit.  Maybe even squeeze in a little something for me.  Not so much now.  I’ll have to rush a little during the weekend because I seriously need that extra time for some more machine knitted lace…  And I really really want to make myself a little something!

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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