Is it Kids Clothes Week Already?

kid's clothes week

But, but, but… I’m not ready!  I have next to no plans for what I’m going to do.  I’m not done with the knitting for my PRP Signature Style outfit.  Ha! more like not started.  So not ready…

So why do I have it in my thick skull that I’m going to do this KCW?  After all, I didn’t do the January one…  See, the thing is, I didn’t do the January one precisely because of the knitting for my PRP Signature Style outfit.  I couldn’t get an hour of kids sewing per day because I was knitting at the beginning.  And then, as I was sewing up the dress, it dawned on me that sewing for PRP does in fact count as sewing for kids.

I may have a master’s degree in mathematics which people seem to think means I’ve got quite the powerful brain but I can really be remarkably slow on the uptake…  I blame it on the kids.

This time around, I figured that I could combine PRP and KCW with some minimal planning.  And I’m good at planning.  It was essentially my specialty when I did my master’s.  As long as I finished my knitting in before KCW, all I had to do was get an hour of sewing in everyday.  Very doable.  I have that Signature Style outfit to sew up after all…

And then, I might need some extra sewing to do.  I have some mending to do, does that count?  3-4 leggings with holes.  I don’t know what those girls do to those leggings…  And souricette 1 has this skirt that fits around the waist but is too short and too tight.  I need to refashion that into something useful.  Add to that a pattern that I’m testing (can’t wait to get started on it!) and I actually do seem pretty organized, don’t I?

I got sick.  I’ll spare you the details.  Actually, apart from one really tough day and night, it’s been okay.  Mainly because I’ve taken the time to rest.  Not knit.  So no knitting is done.  I have a feeling this weekend will be about choosing between family and rest…

(You do know I’m kidding, right?  Unless things go really totally and completely haywire, I should be able to do half the work today and the other half the Saturday. And then, on to KCW.  Wish me luck.)


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2 comments on “Is it Kids Clothes Week Already?
  1. Kristin says:

    It’s beautiful! The dress pattern is perfect for that fabric.


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