Ballon Top

There’s a new pattern out by Heidi&Finn and I got to test it!  It was the first item I made during KCW and I’ve been itching to share it.

Souricette 1 wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing.  She saw the white T-shirt parts and thought it was quite plain.  Soft (rayon/lycra jersey) but plain.

Then, the chiffon came into play and she fell in love.  She adores her “Elsa top”.  Seriously adores it.  Floaty chiffon makes her happy.  She actually wants us to modify the pattern into a dress, using that same chiffon…

The pattern comes with three sleeve lengths (short, 3/4, and long).  I picked the 3/4 sleeves.  The chiffon overlay can be longer or shorter at the back.  I picked the longer option…

The top went together easily.  There’s a whole section on choosing an appropriate overlay fabric that I really appreciated.  The polyester chiffon I picked was delicate to work with but cotton voile is also an option and that would work really well for a beginner.  In fact, I may have enough leftover voile in my stash for another ballon top or two…  Must go check…

I also know another little girl who would love one of these…  Possibly in Anna colors…

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9 comments on “Ballon Top
  1. Any young lady would feel like a princess in this top, she looks beautiful 😀


  2. Carin says:

    Very pretty and I loooove the chiffon colors!


  3. Annie says:

    I love the Elsa look for the everyday wear! Very cute!


    • Yep, she loves it so much that she wants us to make a dress like it. I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too hard to make the bottom part of the T-shirt a little longer and A-line. The chiffon pattern would have to be lengthened too but it wouldn’t even need to be widened.


  4. Ren says:

    Love it! Thanks for joining us at Inspire Us Thursday!


  5. […] of them.  It makes me happy, feeling like I contributed my teeny tiny drop to their success.  (So many links to put […]


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