Another Matinée!

Since I couldn’t wait to show off my first Matinée dress, I decided to make a Matinée peplum top for the tester tour.  Besides, I wanted to try out the other fabric combo I’d considered…

So here it is!

Matinée peplum top.  Still with the gorgeous plunging back.

But cap sleeves!  I love them.  I did not need to ease them in at all.

I made a size 6 because I was feeling too lazy to measure souricette 1.  I should not have been lazy, especially since Jenn includes instructions to blend sizes in the pattern.  Even though there’s a bit of looseness in the back, the plunging back isn’t so low as to show her underwear.  And she’s so cute in it!

I can’t say enough good things about this pattern.  Remember.  This is Jenn’s first pattern for sale.  Just in terms of esthetics, I love how the pattern itself is put together.  It might seem silly to some but I really appreciate the design.  You know, things like judicious use of fonts to add personal style while keeping the whole uncluttered.  Illustrations that give a timeless look to the instructions.  Layers that make it possible to print only the sizes you want…  I can tell you that Jenn put in a lot of time, thought and energy into this pattern.  And I know I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again.  She has been wonderful with all of us testers.  She replied to our questions and comments almost instantly.  She asked for feedback and she listened.  She was professional and sweet.  You can bet I’ll be applying to test for her again!

And the dress/top itself is absolutely adorable!  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I adore the low back and sash.  And it goes together quite fast too!  I found that on this second version, I hardly needed to look at the instructions anymore.

Go and buy it now.  Seriously. Coupon MATINEE20 is still good through today on etsy and the price is already discounted on craftsy.  Go.


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12 comments on “Another Matinée!
  1. Rachel says:

    OH, this is so super sweet 🙂 Love the fabrics, color combo, & the pink piping!


  2. I love this one so much and thanks so much for all your kind words *blushing*! You and all the rest of the ladies testing have been so integral to making this pattern what it is.


  3. This is adorable! I love that scooped back! And I really like your addition if the piping 🙂


  4. […] at Deux Souriceaux made another version after her test and this peplum top for her older daughter was the result! […]


  5. Ren says:

    Oooh! I really love this as a peplum. Nice job. Thanks for linking up at Inspired Us Thursdays on


  6. Frances Suzanne says:

    LOVE the fabric selection!!


  7. kimmiesewcrazy says:

    I have yet to make this version. After seeing yours I might just have to. Super cute!


  8. […] through my stash to find some good fabric and found this bird print.  I’d used it on a Matinée peplum top for E and it still fits […]


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