Photo Monday – Easter in Central Park

It’s the last Easter post, I promise!

After walking up 5th Avenue, we had a bite to eat at the Plaza Hotel food court.  Yummy lobster rolls!  Oh, and there’s a place that has French style pâtisserie.  It was 7.50$ (ouch) but my dessert was soooooo good.  I haven’t had good pâtisserie like that since leaving Montreal.  So delicious.

Oops, got sidetracked there.  After my scrumptious dessert, we went for a walk in Central Park.  Trees in bloom, birds singing, sun shining…  Here are my favorite shots of the bunch. I usually shoot in aperture mode but the first two are in landscape mode.  I didn’t notice I’d moved the dial until I tried adjusting a setting and couldn’t find it.





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One comment on “Photo Monday – Easter in Central Park
  1. miss agnes says:

    Lovely flowers – thanks for posting these. I do need a reminder that spring is coming, it is barely starting here in Montreal.


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