A Crêpe of a Dress

I am completely and utterly in love with this dress!  It’s perfect, so absolutely perfect!  Look!

Isn’t it perfect?  I love it!

The pattern is Crepe by Colette Patterns.  I love the ease of the wrap dress but with the possibility to get a perfect fit in front.  Dresses that wrap in front sometimes shift around and then I end up worrying about flashing everyone.  This one wraps really snugly in the back and the overlap in the skirt is largely sufficient to prevent flashing anyone.  This dress is elegant but easy to move in.  And it has pockets!

I bought the pattern last December when I was avoiding buying fabric and ended up buying tons of patterns instead.  But this is a wrap dress with a full skirt.  I needed 5 yards.  Well 4 3/8 actually but that means buying 5, right?  Just in case.  I once got burned by a pattern that needed more yardage than it said so I always make sure to have a little extra…  The problem was that I didn’t have that kind of yardage in my stash.  So I waited.

And then.  Palos Verdes voile showed up.  It wasn’t available yet but I knew.  I don’t usually wear orangy colors so I thought I would get La Venta, the one with the green triangles.  But I kept going back to Malaga Cove.  So I did it.  For the first time ever, I signed up to get a notification when the fabric would be available.  And I bought it right away when I did get the notification.  With it being voile and with me not wanting to wear a slip, I also bought some cream cotton lawn (sadly not organic) to line it.  And some sort of red chambray for the sash.  No, it wasn’t me being particularly inspired.  The little color matching tool on the Hawthorne Threads website suggested it.

I took the time to do a muslin of the bodice.  It might have been smarter to do at least a partial skirt to see the fit better but I didn’t.  I didn’t see any fit issues so I went ahead with the pattern as is.  I skipped the facings because I was doing a lining but I did add the interfacing to the lining as if it was a facing.  What I did is that I lined the bodice first.  Then I constructed the skirt out of the voile and the lawn and then basted them together, wrong sides facing.  Once they were basted together, I treated them as one skirt unit.  I used a french seam at the waist.  Not a single seam allowance exposed.  None.

The one thing I should have done is match the pattern at the center front seam of the skirt.  I never thought of it until it was too late.  I would never have had enough fabric to match the pattern at all the seams but that one is kind of front and center (duh).  Oh well, I know the pattern doesn’t match up but I still had to actively look for it in the picture.

Sigh…  I’m really in love.  The lawn lining almost feels like silk!  I’m just waiting (impatiently) for the weather to warm up enough and then I’ll wear it every single day!

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4 comments on “A Crêpe of a Dress
  1. Ren says:

    LOVE the cross back. Thanks for linking up at Inspire Us Thursday!


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