I used to have a friend whose internet handle was Josephine.  We lost touch one day. I wonder what’s become of her…

Anyway, that old friend isn’t the Josephine from the post title.  That Josephine is from Made by Rae.  I’ve been wanting a simple top like that for a while.  Pin tucks down the front, side vents, and a slit in the neck (that would be view C).  In white linen, it’s exactly right for Summer.  So I bought the pattern and made it up.

It’s really easy and quick with two different fronts depending on your cup size (one pattern piece for A/B and one for C/D).  I measured myself and of course.  Between sizes.  I picked the larger one with the C/D bust.  I think I could have gotten away with the smaller size combined with the C/D.  According to the sizing chart, I’m just into C territory.  I bet I’m more of a B on some days…  I guess that’s why patterns usually fit me with minimal alterations…

Once I’d made up the top, I tried it on and it felt a little loosy-goosy in the waist.  I pinched it in the back and asked Mr. Mouse for his thoughts.  He agreed.  Since the linen was a little bit sheer, I didn’t want to add the elastic casing from view B.  I decided to do some shirring instead. I’ve had the elastic thread for ages and hadn’t tried shirring.  Scared?  Of course, I’m always afraid of new to me techniques!  But I did it and it was easy.  I did 7 lines in the back, 1/4″ apart.  I could have done more but I decided to stop when my bobbin ran out.

And the shirring worked out so well!  Now, the top has a little more shape to it so it’s more flattering.  And it’s still easy to pull on thanks to the elastic.  Per-fect.  I still think I could get away with the smaller size though.  I’m thinking some pretty interweave chambray…

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4 comments on “Josephine
  1. machinegunmama says:

    Shirring is for sure scary! I’ve never had the courage (or reason?) to try it, good for you 🙂 it’s very pretty!


  2. The shirring really makes it look great!


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