Cappuccino Dress

I know, I know, Parc Safari part 3 pictures were supposed to go up today.  The thing is that souricette 2 is wearing a dress made from a pattern I tested.  That pattern isn’t published yet and I don’t want to publish any picture of her wearing it until I get the go ahead.  So we wait.

In the meantime, you get to see me wearing my latest, no, second latest make.  The latest will be tomorrow.  Hopefully.  I originally planned to sew this dress up in May.  I got caught up in pattern testing and only got around to it last week.

It’s the Cappuccino dress by Liesl and co.  Remember I made the top?  I felt it might be a bit small so I went one size up for the dress.  I used some cotton lawn that I got a long time ago.  It’s a border print so I futzed around quite a bit to get everything exactly right.  I cut it out to have the border run all the way around the bottom.  It’s only after that I realized that vertical placement might have been more flattering.  I find that  horizontal stripes are more falttering than vertical stripes but vertical color blocking works better than horizontal.

I like it anyway.  It does need a belt.  The shape combined with the print I chose send it right into frumpy housewife territory on me.  Add the belt and bam!  Easy summer dress.  This is actually my first time successfully belting a garment (well, you know, apart from something that has belt loops).

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3 comments on “Cappuccino Dress
  1. Looks comfortable and I love the silhouette the belt gives.


  2. Rebecca says:

    Really pretty-love the border print!


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