The Foxglove is Here!

I am so excited to be sharing my foxglove tank!  I’ve been waiting and waiting for the pattern to be released so that I could blog about it.

But first, the designer.  Lauren Dahl is incredibly skilled, lovely to work with and fun.  She’s already published a beautiful girl’s dress (totally going to sew it up for my girls when I get over this personal sewing kick). Actually, I’d wanted to be one of the pattern testers for that dress but missed out on it.  So when Lauren asked for testers for her women’s pattern, I jumped on it.  And guess what?  I got in!

I ended up making two tanks during testing.  I’ll blog the first one later because the pattern was modified a little between that one and the second and I really want to show off the final product today.

The Foxglove tank has a slight V neckline and a racerback.  It’s cut close to the body at the shoulder and bust level and then flares out into and A-line below.  The hemline is hi lo with the front just at the hipbones and the back curving down to cover the behind.  It’s infinitely more flattering to a wide range of body types than I thought it would be.  Lauren is the long thin type so of course she looks smashing in it.  I’m short (5’4″), hourglassish (not a super defined waist but it’s there), and I have some post-baby belly fluff still hanging around.  It’s easy to make me look 10-20 lbs heavier.  This doesn’t.  And it’s so comfortable!  Not just in terms of physical comfort.  It’s great for running around after kids.  It offers the coverage you need and moves with you.  No dreaded wardrobe malfunction here!

The pattern includes many options for different types of finishing but I chose to do a center seam with topstitching both times.  I fell in love with that detail and couldn’t stay away.  For this one, I had a bamboo jersey.  It didn’t ravel so I sewed up the center seams with wrong sides together in order to have the raw edges on the outside of the tank.  I topstitched them down to keep them from flapping around.

This tank looks especially good with something skinny on the bottom to balance out the fullness.  Skinny jeans, leggings, or a slim skirt like I’m wearing all work well.

The pattern is available for preorder on Indiesew right now.  It will be released on Monday and then, two weeks later on Lauren’s site.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to work on testing Lauren’s next women’s pattern.  It’s another good one!

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9 comments on “The Foxglove is Here!
  1. nita says:

    Aren’t you lucky to get the opportunity to be a pattern tester! Good for you! Just popping in from a Sunday morning browsing sites…one leads to another, and then there you were. 🙂 have a lovely weekend!


    • I am indeed lucky! I’ve been wanting to test patterns for a while. I had such a hard time finding the testing calls and then, well, you aren’t always chosen. I really enjoy that feeling of helping out the designer.


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  3. Ajaire says:

    I really love the versions with the center front and back details. Thanks for sharing Raphaelle! 🙂


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