Another Foxglove

Or maybe I should say, the first Foxglove…  Remember this tank?  That’s the one I made from the second version of the pattern.  The first version had a straighter, shorter back.  Since the pattern is now available on Lauren’s site now, I figured I’d show off that first version.

I made this one out of cotton voile and used purchased bias tape for the armholes.  I used the clean finish with top stitched detail option, always with the center seam.

You know, I actually made the same size on both tanks and there were no sizing adjustments between the two versions.  The bamboo jersey just stretched out way more while the voile didn’t drape a whole lot.

I have to say, while I love how the bamboo jersey drapes, the sizing is better on the voile version.  I told Lauren about this and she made sure to mention how some knits may require a smaller size in the final pattern.  I love that.  Not seeing my voice in the pattern.  That’s not it at all.  When I started pattern testing, I enjoyed it straight away.  There are constraints.  I have to stick to the pattern exactly in order to test it properly.  And it takes time.  But then, I show my pictures and give my feedback.  If I feel like my contribution was useful, I’m happy.  If I don’t get any replies and don’t see a single change to the pattern, I feel useless.  And used.  I want to help.  That’s why I answer testing calls.  So if I feel like I’m helping, I’m happy.  If I feel I’ve been heard, I’m happy.  Lauren listens and it shows.  I will test absolutely anything for her because she genuinely wants feedback and she listens to it.

Now, please, go buy her pattern (or on Indiesew).  I want her to design some more so that I can test for her…

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