Tour de Fleece Wrap Up

I had two goals for Tour de Fleece: finish spinning and plying my alapaca and spin enough blue faced leicester to try out navajo plying.  So how did I do?  Let’s see…

Here are my little 2-ply alpaca hanks!

I like it well enough.  It’s only my second handspun yarn so I can’t be too hard on myself.  I only wish I’d thought of seperating the brown from the pink so that I could ply a proper barber pole.

I forgot to do the picture with a penny for scale thing but I would say most of it is more of a laceweight.  I put it next to some sock yarn and it’s a bit thinner.  And I have no clue how much I have!  I’m thinking of making a simple garter lace scarf with it.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to make two and give them to the girls.

And then, here’s where I’ve gotten with the other fiber.

After I got a bit done, enough to try the navajo plying really, I decided I wanted to get all the fiber spun before plying.  No clue exactly what this will become but I’m in love with the colors.  It’s mostly green with some blue.  The blue disappears as I’m spinning but it keeps the green in the cool blue-ish zone that I love. Really pretty.

So I did pretty well, right?  I wish I had spun more but KCW and Flip This Pattern happened.  And also a top secret knit project that had priority (it’s almost done! But I won’t be able to share it, boo!)  I have to say that spinning is the most meditative of the fiber crafts I do.  Machine knitting is close.  Moving the carriage back and forth is very repetitive and the concentration required blocks everything else out.  But spinning even more so.  There’s only that one thing you’re doing.  Spin, draft, wind on.  Spin, draft, wind on.  Spin, draft, wind on…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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5 comments on “Tour de Fleece Wrap Up
  1. I’ve never actually tried spinning, but I’ve heard similar things as you wrote: that it can absolutely be meditative and the repetition helps clear the mind. A little esoteric, I guess, but I can imagine it’s true. Same for machine knitting! I’ve done that a few times and the cartridge going back and forth makes a lovely white noise sound that makes the time go by so quickly!


    • Oh yeah, I tend to machine knit late at night when I don’t have to worry about forgetting one of my daughters at school because I get so lost in the moment!


      • I learned how to machine knit a few years ago for school– and for me it was ruining my swatches for my projects because I’d lose track of how many rows I’d done! First world problems, but having to undo rows was always a bummer!!


      • Undoing rows on the machine is a pain and a half! I always do my swatches larger than necessary and measure somewhere in the center. Works like a charm and I don’t have to worry about how many rows I knit! My machine also has a row counter to help me out. If I remember to set it…


  2. […] that was purchased.  Can you find it? And if you want to see the handspun from further back, look here and […]


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