Photo Monday – California Girls

Are you sick of the California pictures yet?  I still have one more week and then a special photo before I’m done.

Before today, I focused on the places we went.  When I edited down to 12 pictures, I had to remove most of the ones where my girls were the main attraction.  So today is all about them.  And despite being a proud mom who thinks her kids are the epitome of beauty (don’t we all?), I managed to narrow them down to 12 again.

Fun times first! I think one of the keys to successful traveling with children is to make sure they have fun too.  The park, the beach, museums that appeal to kids…  The park is great because it can provide a break in an otherwise adult centric day.

Then, you’re always going to get some pouting at some point. Like a little girl who is sick of hiking Yosemite while her sister hangs out in the backpack… (Side note: I took this picture twice.  Once from where I was standing and once crouching down to her level.  The difference is astonishing.  I know it’s just a basic trick for photographing children but it still amazes me each and every time.)

Or like a little girl who has decided she will not walk and she will not go in the carrier.  Her arms are crossed and she just isn’t budging.  If you could see her face, you would see a deep frown.  And her eyes are shooting daggers.

At least, yummy food always gets me a smile.  You’re thinking ice cream, right?  They do love that but what made them happy in these pictures?  Grapes and strawberries.

And then some more where they actually weren’t all that happy.  Hungry and shy…

A wee bit bored…

Oh, and who knows what goes on in that one’s head! All I know is that she would. not. come.  Kept running away from me.

But the beach is always a mood lifter…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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