Iris on the Line

Remember May?  Me-Made-May to be exact.  I had pledged to make myself 5 things.  I did make 5 things but not what I thought I’d make.  I really wanted some new shorts and I had the Iris pattern from Colette.  I was hopeful they would have the wide leg opening that I like.  And then I made other things, went on a trip, and got busy with sewing for the girls.  No shorts.

But now.  Now it’s Shorts on the Line and I love me a good sew along. And that was all the incentive I needed.  I took a short break from sewing for the girls and more or less whipped up a pair.

Sorry for the pictures.  I would have needed Mr. Mouse to help me but I couldn’t wait for him.  I was busy trying to get good shots and noticed the neighbor outside.  I think I turned beet red.  And I stopped.  These will have to do.  No back shot either because none of them looked good.

Back to the shorts.  Good wide leg, right?  I did make a muslin to check for fit and it was spot on.  No need for any modifications.  Though looking at the back shots, I’m thinking I could lengthen the back dart like Cherie did.  There’s a teeny bump/pucker at the bottom there and a longer dart might help with that.  I did make some style modifications.  I was afraid the pockets would show through my material (a very pretty shot cotton made of turquoise and purple threads but you can see how it wrinkles) so I skipped them.  I added piping because a seam in front like that? Begging for piping!

But you know what I’d like?  Another pair of Iris shorts with some navy eyelet I have.  It has a pretty scalloped edge that would be lovely at the hem.  And why didn’t I make it?  Because I wanted navy cotton lawn or voile to line the shorts and I didn’t have it.  And I wanted those shorts right. Now.  (Huh, wonder where souricette 2 gets it from?)

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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