Taking a Break

It’s needed sometimes, isn’t it?  These past weeks, I’ve been so busy.  You know, that sterile busy.  I had some exciting projects like the art themed outfits for my girls during KCW and something else that’s top secret.  And I had/have some love filled top secret projects too.  But then, I was rushing around, trying to do everything, trying to find/make things that I could share here.  I could have been so much more productive than I was during those 4 weeks of camp.  But I wasn’t.  Especially those last two weeks.  Always tired, the heaviness of the “gottas” weighing on me.  The wonderful creative ideas that had me in a rush to get back home when we were in California were gone.

I needed to let go.  So I’m not posting 3 or 4 times per week.  Maybe it’ll only be once the next couple of weeks if at all.  I’m sewing, I am. With souricette 1, even!  Just nothing I can show yet.

See, Mr. Mouse and I have a dream (that seams like a big word but project is too small) and we’re doing what we need to do to make it happen.  That means some serious downsizing.  Before we really truly downsize, we need to declutter.  It’s been on my mind.  So what did I do this week?  Decluttered the playroom and my sewing/knitting space.  All the extras are gone.  Well, most of them.  And they’re actually in the basement for now.  But they’re gone from my sight!  I still need to reorganize but I already feel so much better!  So it isn’t sewing.  But I have a feeling it’s going to get my creative juices flowing again and by the time September rolls around, I’ll be raring to go.

Here, have some knitting and wine.  It’s all I got right now…


(In case you’re wondering, it’s a kir. Only instead of doing crème de cassis + white wine, I did Chambord + white wine, Chambord being black raspberry liqueur.)

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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