Myrtle Dress

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I actually finished this one more than a week ago.  I really wanted to blog it last week too but if you’ve read yesterday’s post, you know the issue.  Pictures.  I did manage to get Mr. Mouse to snap a few in time for the end of the sewalong over at Colette.  (Side note: Check out all the finished Myrtles in the link at the bottom of the sewalong page.  Some very pretty ones there!)

So yes.  Let’s see the dress, shall we?

I used fabric from the stash (‘s all Girl Charlee cotton spandex jersey).  The plan for this dress was actually for it to be a wearable muslin.  I sewed up a medium.  My measurements put me smack dab between medium and large and the Colette knits patterns say to go up a size in those cases.  However, my experiences with Mabel and Moneta showed me that doesn’t quite work for me.  So medium it was.  Moneta also taught me that gathered skirts aren’t my friend.  They don’t hate me but they don’t love me either.  Luckily, this skirt is actually the same width at the waist as the bodice so no gathering is actually necessary.  It only looks gathered because of the added elastic that pulls in the waist.  I decided to skip that instruction and just sew the bodice and skirt together.  I did add clear elastic to the waist seam to stabilize it.

Verdict? I do like it.  Love the cowl neck.  The armholes are a bit low for my tastes.  Maybe because I pull the top down too much?  It might be meant to be a bit more blousy.  I’m not convinced about how the stripes curve down either but a belt should camouflage that nicely.  For my real version, I think I’ll get some quality ponte and switch it up with a pencil skirt.  I think that will balance out the blousiness of the top.  I’ll also raise the armhole a bit.  And maybe try to figure out how to add sleeves?  Don’t hold your breath though.  I won’t be making it up until next Spring.  I have some wool that’s begging to be sewn up before Winter is over…

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8 comments on “Myrtle Dress
  1. Love the cowl neck. I’m planning on making a bunch of knit blouses and tops with that neckline from scratch but haven’t found a pattern image online to work from yet. Do you have any advice other than just draping it and guesstimating?


  2. Finally found what I wanted, thanks for all your help.


  3. […] fabric is cotton-lycra jersey from Girl Charlee. I’ve used it twice before and am happy to have finished.  Not that it was a bad fabric.  Kind of lightweight but decent. […]


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