Baby Blanket

I just had a bit of whirlwind weekend, flying in to attend my sister’s baby shower and flying back in time to meet souricette 1’s second grade teacher.  I’m exhausted and just want to relax but I also really really wanted to post a little something. Now that I’ve given my sister all her handmade gifts, they aren’t top secret anymore and I can share them!  I was going to share them all in one post but I’m too tired.  Only the knit one for now.

My sister and I learned to knit when we were kids.  We stopped but I took it back up as an adult.  She didn’t.  When I was pregnant though, she wanted to make something for my girls and that was what she knew how to do.  So she made me baby blankets.  When she got pregnant, I knew I was going to knit her a blanket too.

I chose the Chevron Baby Blanket.  The graphic aspect really appealed to me.  I chose Cascade 220 superwash (washable wool).  It has great colors and it’s quite soft.  And I had to use some pink.  It’s my sister’s favorite color and that blanket was going to have a touch of mommy.  I decided to use the pink as the accent color (only 2 stripes).  I did ask if the pink would end up a no go for a boy and she told me she trusted me.  See for yourself (teddy bear is there for scale).


I think the pink is a welcome pop!  And more importantly, both parents love it.  Next week, you’ll see what I sewed up!

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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4 comments on “Baby Blanket
  1. Ren says:

    The pink is perfect! The entire thing is lovely, but I’m always a sucker for a good pop of color.

    Thanks for linking up at Inspire Us Thursday!


  2. Ah, what a lovely baby blanket! I’ve only personally knitted things on the smaller side (scarves, hats, etc.) but haven’t tackled anything like a blanket yet. Maybe this year will be the year? Either way, the chevrons are super modern and a lovely choice for a baby blanket!


  3. […] already seen the baby blanket I knit and the pants souricette 1 made.  So as promised, here’s the rest of the baby shower gifts […]


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