Jack and Jill go Back to School


When I was offered a spot in the September Flip this Pattern showcase, I jumped on it.  Or rather, I jumped up in excitement and answered right away!  I got this great shirt pattern from Peaches and Peanuts.  The Jack and Jill shirt.  It’s made large so that it can be layered over a tee.  The pattern includes tons of options, 4 collars, 5 sleeve options, pockets…

I love the pattern as is but I just had to flip it a little.  Because it is Flip This Pattern…  It just screamed to get turned into a cute little shirt dress.  Made up in buttery soft corduroy, it would be a perfect back to school dress.  And it is a perfect back to school dress!

I took my souricette to her school to take pictures.  The light was too harsh in front of the main entrance so I had to take her to another entrance that had some open shade.  I promised her I would pay her if she did her job well and she was the most cooperative she’s ever been.

Never said a word when I scrunched one sock down and pulled the other one up (not her style at all). She waited as long as I asked to eat her apple.  (She’s only pretending to eat it in the pictures.)

She looked at an old calculus book like it was fascinating.

Asked me about the belt I used to hold the books together.

I told her people used those a long time.  “When you were a child?”  No, older than that.  “When people lived with dinosaurs?”  Still a few things to learn, I see…

And now, the flip details.  My souricette is very much a girly girl, hence the dress.  I made up the bodice in swedish tracing paper to try it on her.  I found her waist and marked it.  I removed the pleat at the back and chopped the shirt at the marked waist.  Then, I added rectangular panels for the skirt.  I really wanted inverted pleats in contrasting fabric again but I went with straight pleats this time.

I chose the puff sleeves with band from the pattern and the narrow eton collar.  I didn’t change the sleeves but I had to lengthen the collar a little.  You see, souricette 1 hates anything very close to her neck.  “Ça choke moi.”  When I tried the muslin on her, the neckline felt too tight for her.  I removed 1/2″ from the neckline and lengthened the collar pattern piece to fit.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy, as she would say.

I let souricette 1 pick the main fabric.  She picked the print.  Result?  She loves it!  Wore it two days in a row. And she got her 5 bucks.

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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11 comments on “Jack and Jill go Back to School
  1. Shannon C. says:

    (C’est belle!) I love what you’ve done with the Jack and Jill pattern. This is the first dress I’ve seen. You are amazingly creative. Thank you for the thoughtful review. Your daughter is lovely.


  2. She’s so pretty and cooperative. 🙂 love your flip and non choking neckline.


  3. Frances Suzanne says:

    “She wore it two days in a row”!!! That is SUCCESS at its finest!! Thank you so much for participating in the “September Showcase” {even if you are $5 poorer because of it :)}. Your ‘flip’ is amazing!


  4. Janice says:

    Love the dress! My daughter would model every day for $5!


  5. […] was the year I got to contribute to Flip This Pattern!  It was such an honor to be […]


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