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I’ve been noticing this blog hop going around creative blogs.  Just this week, the lovely Michelle from Sewnhenge nominated me. Seriously, she’s sweet and has the best smile ever.  She makes darling clothes for her two kids and is fearless when making her own clothes.  She has such a friendly, easy-going writing style that just makes me want to have coffee and brownies with her.

So let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Why do I write?

I may have mentioned before that I used to study textile when we were in Montreal.  And that I loved it.  I felt like I had found my place.  Talking to people there, seeing what they were doing, showing them what I was doing…  It was the best sort of community.  Then we moved.  NYC might have given me the same sort of community but we moved to the suburbs.  And I was isolated.  I had to find community elsewhere.  I found one for hand knitting on Ravelry but sewing?  And here I started reading sewing blogs and I saw that there was a community there, a community that I wanted to be a part of.  Actually, that I needed to be a part of.  So I jumped in and started writing and showing what I’d made.

And you know what? Despite being a total introvert, I do want to talk.  So I talk.

What am I working on?

Project Run & Play!  I love it.  The themes really challenge my creativity and the 4th week, signature style, always pushes me to work on my machine knitting.

I’m always thinking of the next project as well.  Kids Clothes Week is coming up and I’m planning for that as well.  And always – always – something for me.  I have some wool begging to become a skirt and some other wool just waiting to be turned into Peony…  And then, there’s the hand knitting.  I’ve just started working on a scarf for souricette 1.

Me? Too many things going at once? Honestly, that’s when I’m happiest.  Creating stimulates the creative part of my brain.  Ideas fuse all over the place.  And getting one to completion satisfies my love of solving puzzles.

How does my blog differ from others in its genre?

I think the combination of machine knitting and sewing is what makes me unique.  Not in the sense that I do both but in the sense that I combine them.  Like this little sweater.  It’s machine knit but assembled on a sewing machine.

Or this dress where I went so far as to simply machine knit two big laces panels that I then cut into and sewed up (that was nerve wracking).

I originally wanted to do lots of tutorials and book reviews but those features end up being so much work.  Getting those pretty pictures for tutorials takes time.  Have you seen the ones I did make?  Ouch.  But I’m leaving them up there anyway.  I will probably do more features like book reviews and shopping guides (I still haven’t done the sustainable hand knitting yarn buying guide!) but only once in a blue moon.  I would really rather focus on the creative stuff, you know?

How does my writing  process work?

I try to blog at least twice a week so I do sort of plan out what I’ll post.  Just the subject.  When it comes time to write, I just kind of let it flow organically, as if I was talking.  I edit myself a little because I tend to ramble and take off on a tangent and no one has time for that.  Seriously, I can talk to myself for hours, starting on one subject and ending with something completely unrelated.  You don’t want to read that.  Once I’ve said everything I wanted to say, I add pictures and hit “publish”.  Wait, no.  I hit “schedule”.  I like to post at 8AM Eastern.  Yes, I like a schedule.  (My parents would say that’s an understatement.) So I write my posts up ahead of time and schedule them.

And now, for my nominations! I was so happy when I got positive answers from these two women!  They both do some fantastic work.

Lori B. blogs at Frivolous at Last. She’s smart and fun.  She sews and knits and creates jewelry…  Even a light up skirt! Come on, you have to admit that’s all sorts of awesome… Check her out!

And then we have Make & Wear. (I’m not giving her name because it isn’t on the About page and I don’t want to violate her privacy.) She’s into sewing and knitting like me but she’s a much better sewist!  I love the tips she shares.  They’re different from what you usually find.  Which reminds me that I need to pin the loop and button trick

Make sure to read these their blog hop posts next Monday!  I can’t wait to find out more about them.

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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11 comments on “Blog Hop
  1. Love this post! I was very proud to be nominated by the lovely Michelle too and totally agree with your comments. I, too, would love to join Michelle for coffee and brownies, and yourself of course as I enjoy your contributions to the blogging world so much as well. Shame I’m across the ocean. Oh well, I will continue to enjoy reading. Susie


    • Thank you! You know what? You could always come over here for some shopping, coffee, and brownies… I don’t live too far from the famous Mood… (I know, I know, these kinds of things aren’t always so feasible but it’s nice to dream!)


  2. Thanks for the nomination:) I hadn’t noticed I had left my name off my about page, but Chris is probably dotted around the blog somewhere! I too studied textiles which probably explains why I was drawn to your blog. I like the great mix of projects that you show here:)


    • I was going to use your name and all of a sudden, I was afraid you might not like that. If I’d been smart enough to look back on other comments you’ve made, I would have known it wasn’t any issue. I blame mommy brain? I can’t wait to see how you answer next week!


  3. Awww I would TOTALLY have coffee and brownies with you!!! Thank you so much for playing along and doing this! Its kind of cool, you actually realize things about yourself that you wouldn’t have thought about 🙂 Reading about your old sewing community that you used to have kind of made me realize that is another reason I do this, I don’t really have anyone here who shares my hobby and it is nice to talk to people who do 🙂


    • Thank you so much for nominating me! Next time you’re in NYC, we could try to meet up if you want. I don’t live very far. I’ve found it so difficult around here. There are a lot of stay at home moms but none of them do anything even remotely crafty. None! The only fun thing is the new yarn store in the village. The lady who owns it is into everything fiber related. But I can’t hang out there that much without buying, you know?


      • That actually sounds awesome! I’ll probably be there sometime again in the spring. I don’t know any real life crafty people either and I usually feel creepy if I’m hanging out in a fabric shop for too long.. There are things here in Austin where you can do “free sews” and the like, which sounds fun but they are only during the times that Jake works so I can’t do it ever.


  4. […] was nominated to participate in this blog hop thing by Raphaelle over at Deux Souriceaux (thank you, Raphaelle!). She paid me the nicest compliment I could’ve wished for which is […]


  5. Lori B. says:

    Hi Raphaelle! Thank you again for nominating me for the blog hop. Better late than never, I hope? I finally got around to posting my reply: 🙂


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