Kids Clothes Week

kid's clothes week
It’s next week!  I love the theme but, after Project Run & Play, I’m all themed out.  So here was the plan:

  • cape for souricette 2
  • denim skirt for souricette 1
  • 2 tees for souricette 1 (1 white, 1 navy)

And then, I had the brilliant idea to actually go through their wardrobes.  These children need absolutely nothing.  I could sew for myself for 6 months and they would be just fine.  I revised the plan.

  • cape for souricette 2
  • 2 denim skirts, one for each of the girls
  • 2 tees for souricette 1 (1 white, 1 navy)
  • Christmas dress for souricette 1 (not likely to be done during KCW because the fabric I want isn’t out yet)
  • mending

Say what? These girls have plenty and I just made my list longer?

The cape is actually for Halloween.  I don’t sew the girls’ costumes.  I like the idea of it but not the reality.  I would spend gobs of money on the perfect fabric and weeks on the perfect costume.  TO be worn all of a handful of time.  No thank you.  This year though, the girls want to be Elsa and Anna.  I know, I know, how original.  I thought, perfect.  They have their dresses (bought online).  All that’s missing is something to cover up if it’s cool out.  Souricette 1 has this cape that should work:


So souricette 2 is getting one too.  It’ll be a bit different but same pattern (Oliver + S, Little Things to Sew).

The denim skirts are not necessary exactly but nice to have.  Souricette 2 likes to throw on a skirt and tee and I just had to put a few of her skirts in the donation pile. She could use one that goes with most of her tops.  That butterfly denim will do.  And then souricette 1 likes skirts too but most of them aren’t neutral in the least.  What do you pair with a purple tee and sparkly blue tights? The only skirt I could find that sort of worked was a pink one.  With flowers on it.  Colorful.  I realized she could use a neutral skirt too.  And wouldn’t you know, there’s enough of that butterfly denim for her too! I’m thinking two Oliver + S sailboat skirts will do nicely…

The tees… I really wanted to remove them from the list.  Souricette 2 has a metric crap ton of tees.  None of which are quite right for her Lol swing top.  If I can get one done, I’ll be happy.

The mending…  There’s a hole in a cardigan I knit souricette 1.  And she pulled on the appliqué on her Charlie dress.  Holes in leggings that need patches… A skirt with a busted zip. Every KCW, I plan on mending.  Every KCW, I don’t.  I may save one day just for that.

I’ll be busy! I’m not sure a single hour per day will cut it…


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