Kids Clothes Week Wrap Up

kid's clothes week
It always happens.  I start KCW with energy to spare.  I’m going to be fast and efficient!  I will not fall down during the weekend!  And I get tired and fall down during the weekend.

My excuses this time are souricette 2 having a day off from school on Friday and going to the DMV (surprisingly quick).  So I only traced and cut the pattern for a T-shirt for souricette 1.  15 minutes maybe?  Maybe a bit more.

And then Saturday was the day of parties.  I thought I’d have plenty of time and…  I cut out the fabric for the T-shirt. 10 minutes?  Couldn’t have been more than that.

Now Sunday, I did get my hour in but not the tee.  I decided it was high time to do some mending.  I spent over an hour mending a hole in a cute cardigan (underside of the sleeve at least).  Looked like a bug had a wool snack.  At least three strands of the wool were broken.  I did what I could, trying to duplicate stitch the hole, but it doesn’t look so good.  Well, it’s the underside at least…

If you can’t see how screwy it looks, you need glasses.  And I have to stop looking or I’ll rip it out and spend days getting it perfect.

I fixed the appliqué on a dress (never trust double sided adhesive to last forever) and I redid the seams on a tee that souricette 2 wears a lot.  Side note: that fabric is cotton/lycra jersey and it’s looking worn.

See? It’s a little pilly!  Yes, it gets washed a lot but the ones I’ve gotten at Baby Gap have lasted so much longer.  Quality knits are hard to source! And expensive…

Finally, I had three leggings with holes.  They’ve been hanging around waiting to be mended for months.  Months.  One of them was already too small for souricette 2 so I got rid of it.  The other two belonged to souricette 1 but will be handed down to her sister.  I whipstitched the holes closed and covered them with iron on patches.

I had a thought for my mom as I did that.  She used to mend our clothes that way.  Patches weren’t as cute back then.  I remember wearing some tights with a hammer patch on them!  True story that I was told: as a child, I was so used to patches on clothes that, seeing a dress with an apple appliqué in a store, I informed my mother that there was a hole in the dress behind the apple…

And now, I will get back to my own sewing.  I have a quick skirt that’s on its third week on the sewing table…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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