How to Spend a Month Making an Easy Skirt

(For reference, I used Simplicity 5914.)

1. Pick a gorgeous, expensive wool from Mood so you absolutely want to make it perfect.  Promptly freeze up because of said gorgeous expensive wool.


2. Make a muslin. Thank your lucky stars that you need no adjustments apart from length.  Realize that there’s no “shorten/lengthen” here line and that you will have to shorten at the hem.


3. Line the skirt.

4. Make french seams on lining.

5. Get interrupted by Kids Clothes Week.

6. Realize that gorgeous expensive wool is too thick for french seams.  And that you may not have enough bias tape to finish all the seams.  Settle on merged seam allowances.  At least it’s quicker.  Otherwise, it may have taken a season!


7. Be a perfectionist.  i.e. consider undoing the hem of the lining because it looks sloppy.  Even though no one will see it.

8. Bind edge with bias tape and hand sew 2 inch deep hem.  Consider redoing it because of #7.  Slightly bulky even though Mr. Mouse says it’s fine.


9. Realize you don’t have a hook and eye that will work so do a sew in snaps with a thread chain instead.  Realize you need to redo the chain because it’s too long.


10. Be quite happy with the skirt but realize it looks like work attire.  Especially with that white blouse.  You’re a stay at home mom.  The most professional looking stay at home mom ever!


11. Wonder if you have enough of that wool left over to make a shorter, straighter skirt… After all, it’s dry clean only so no good for kids. (Woulda been super cute as a small dress for souricette 2 but can you imagine the spot cleaning I would have had to do every day?)

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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5 comments on “How to Spend a Month Making an Easy Skirt
  1. tracy says:

    It’s gorgeous! Nice work!


  2. Audrey B. says:

    Love the skirt – such a nice shape and beautiful fabric. I think even your inner perfectionist should approve 🙂


  3. Ren says:

    Love it! Pinned it! Really enjoyed reading it, too.Thanks for linking up at Inspire Us Thursday.


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