Slooooowly (With No Pictures)

The thing with blogging about making things is that you have to make things to share.  (Duh.)  And the thing is that you have to keep making new things to share.  And what does that mean?  Quick sewing because knitting will never be quick.  And quick sewing can be great.  It’s usually easier and you get something shiny and new right away.

But.  You knew that “but” was coming, right?  Yeah.  But.  Quick sewing is usually for the kids or more casual not too fitted wear for me.  The only thing is that I do have a lot of casual wear.  It’s comfortable and great for running after the kids.  But give me something tailored and I feel so much more confident!  And that’s sadly lacking in my wardrobe.

A blazer or ten would be awesome.  I loooooove a blazer.  But I’m still too afraid of all that tailoring.  Hmmmm, I sense a New Year’s resolution coming…  Anyway, something tailored but not too tailored.  And I saw Peony.  In fact, I saw her last year, didn’t I?  Even back then, I knew I wanted to make her with wool.  And I bought that wool on a small trip at Mood.

Precious wool like that, you don’t just cut into it, do you?  You make a muslin first to be sure everything will fit nicely.  I wasn’t worried.  Usually, any muslin I make only serves to confirm that it fits.  I’m lucky that way.  But this one…  I made it up and put it on.  It just wasn’t working.  Lots of extra fabric in the back, something off with the darts, even a bit of extra fabric in front.  I had Mr. Mouse try to help me pin things here and there and trace where he’d put the pins in.  It seemed like I was getting somewhere.

I modified the pattern and assembled another bodice.  Still not working.  I think I may have the darts figured out now but I need to make a third muslin.  And it isn’t done yet.  Somehow, I keep getting caught up in other things, namely kids and their days off school, a fabric design course (more on that next week! It’s so fun! And much more time consuming than I originally thought it would be)…  So my Peony is going sloooooooowly.

I’m trying to embrace it.  My days are so crammed with things to do.  School, homework, activities, birthdays, playdates, dinner… Everything is rush-rush-rush and I get caught up in it.  I forget.  I forget the satisfaction that comes from taking your time, getting everything just right. The contentment that comes from being focused, there, in the moment.  So instead of feeling guilty for not having anything finished to show, I trying feel grateful to Peony for reminding me to slow down.

And these two kids who are always happy when I remember to slow down.


I’m still totally interrupting the fitting to make a quick project though…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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