Another Mingo and Grace!

Remember the Charlie dress?  Come on.  You remember.  Here, here, here, and here

Well, Mingo and Grace is at it again with a brand new dress pattern, the Blair Blake dress.  As with Charlie, this is a classic dress but with very clever pattern pieces.  It’s meant for medium to heavy weight fabrics with body.  Break out the home decor stuff!  The simple silhouette with big, soft, box pleats means that you can even use large scale prints.  The dress actually comes together quite fast.  It isn’t a difficult sew but you have to take care with the pleats and the thick fabric could make sewing a little more challenging, especially at the waist line where you’ll have multiple layers of fabric.

For the test, I used some medium weight velvet, leftover from a coat I made.  The dress can actually stand up on its own!  It’s still very comfortable though.  Souricette 2 wore hers all day after these pictures!


More about the dress…  It’s meant to be close fitting in the chest with the skirt finishing 2″ above the knee.  There’s a 3″ hem there so it is possible to lengthen it somewhat without modifying the pattern.  However, I would keep 2″ for the hem because it really helps give the skirt some body.


The pattern gives instructions for a lined or unlined dress.  I chose the unlined version with the bias facings.  Imagine the pouf level you could achieve with the lining!

I forgot to get a picture but there are also hidden in seam pockets in the skirt.  They hide in the fold of the pleats.  I told you Farrah does some clever designing!


And… I love this dress!  It’s has that party dress look but it isn’t too frou-frou and it’s comfortable for running around.  I have some cute canvas in my stash that I’ve never known what to do with.  Part of it became drapes but I have tons leftover.  Now, I know!


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7 comments on “Another Mingo and Grace!
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  3. Danneel Mitchell says:

    Just purchased! Looking forward to creating little beauties!!!! Thanks!!!


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