Photo Monday – Meet Cousin Mouse!

We finally got to travel to Canada to meet my sister’s baby.  On Thanksgiving.  How appropriate.  Cousin mouse is already two months old and very cute.  Souricette 2 still prefers the dog (she’s an animal lover) but souricette 1 took to her baby cousin immediately.  She played with him, held him, gently stroked his head and feet…

And honestly, I know what they tell you to do to get good pictures.  Wait for the light, take pictures at every opportunity…  But you know what?  When you only have two days, you want to make the most of them.  You don’t want to see that baby only through the camera’s lens.  You want to hold him and you want to watch your daughter interact with him.  So I only did one shoot on Thursday.

When the light was good, baby wasn’t.  I waited for baby to be ready.  When he was finally awake and happy, I pounced.  It was night though so I had to bump the ISO way up.  The pictures are grainy as a result but I’d rather grainy pictures of a happy baby…


I also had to do some messing around with the white balance after the fact.  I think I tried three different things on the three pictures.  It still isn’t quite right.  I just need more practice, right?


I did get lucky that all three kids were dressed in shades of pink and grey to go with my parents’ pink and grey couch.  So at least there’s some coordination there?


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3 comments on “Photo Monday – Meet Cousin Mouse!
  1. Charity says:

    Does your camera have the option for a custom white balance? It’s really worth the extra 2 minutes if you are taking photos at night.


    • I think it does. I’ve always just adjusted it in post process. I shoot RAW and edit the RAW before converting to JPG. The thing is, I often like to change the tone of the picture through white balance. Usually, I warm it up by going with the cloudy setting even in daylight. This time, I tried the “click white balance”. Basically, I click somewhere that’s supposed to be white and the rest of the picture is adjusted. I’ll try to do a custom white balance next time I’m stuck shooting at night..


      • Charity says:

        Actually, if I remember right, shooting in RAW won’t work with the custom white balance, so what you were doing already is probably better. Maybe try manually adjusting the color levels in post-processing instead?


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