Loving Right Now

Back in September, I posted about the 5 things I was loving back then.  I remember thinking back then that it would be nice to write this type of post on a monthly basis or something.  And then I decided not to.  Who needs extra pressure, right?  I figured I’d do them when the mood strikes instead.  Apparently, that would be now.  Maybe I need some positivity while I’m lost in my Peony’s muslin land?  (I will get it right!)

1. Sewing up holiday dresses for my girls.  I’m working on the Clever Charlotte Olivine dress for souricette 1.

Look at those pleats!  Souricette 1 chose the fabrics from this collection.  I’m not the only one who gets Klimt vibes from it, am I?  I’m in love with it.  These were the two chosen prints.

Main Fabric

Contrast Fabric

I’m going to make a sash out of the contrast print to bring it out more and I’m going to make another sash out of the main fabric for souricette 2’s dress, the Mingo and Grace one.  That way, they’ll kind of coordinate.

2. Playing with Illustrator and my Wacom Intuos thingie. Still haven’t gotten around to trying it in Gimp because of sewing taking precedence right now but I’m excited for it.  It’s such a fun tool and exactly what I’ve been craving.  When I finish up the fabric design class and the holiday sewing, I want to get to work on making a banner for this blog.  I’ve always wanted one but felt overwhelmed.  With the Gimp and Illustrator knowledge I’ve been getting along with the tablet, I finally feel like I can actually create something I’ll like.  Stay tuned!

3. Reading this.

I don’t read as much as I used to.  Seriously, as a child, chances were you’d find me curled up somewhere with a book.  As a teenager and young adult, I frequently went to bed too late because of a book.  Now that I actually need to sleep to be a half decent mom, I just don’t read as much.  Each time I try to read a book, I stay up way too late and turn into zombie mom.  I burn meals, end up late to pick up the girls…  All because I just can’t put a good book down!  So Mr. Mouse gave me these short stories and they’re perfect! I’m really enjoying Alice Munro’s writing style and stories.  If I wasn’t so brain dead right now, I would be so much more eloquent…  Just read her.

4. December holidays list from Simple Simon and Company! They publish a list of holidays every month.  I usually read it and promptly forget.  This month was different for some reason and I actually wrote some of them into my calendar.  December 4 is apparently National Cookie Day!  Totally celebrating that one…  I even have an easy cookie recipe lined up (skip the sugar if you try them).  There’s a few more I want to attempt: brownie day, gingerbread house day, ice cream day, chocolate covered anything day, maple syrup day, bake cookies day, cut out snowflakes day, and bacon day…  Sense a bit of a theme?

5. These three monkeys!


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