Peony Update and a Photobomb

I’ve been talking about Peony so much that I figured it was only fair to give an update.  Besides, it’s pretty much all I’ve been doing.

1. I sewed up the lining in Bemberg rayon.  It was slippery and slidey.  Next time I work with that stuff, I’m starching it stiff first.  I can do that, right?

2. Got started on the main dress.  Wool twill.  Suiting, I think?  It has a nice thickness, not flimsy but not too heavy.  Just enough body.  And drape.  Beautiful blue.  It’s just a teeny tiny bit itchy.  I’ve tried it on over bare skin and sometimes it itches a tiny bit ans sometimes not at all.  Hence the lining.  That, and it’ll help keep the skirt where it should be.

3. I love working with wool.  Love it so so so much!  It’s just so beautiful to work with. Easy to cut, easy to sew, easy to press…

4. I was feeling a little bit down on this project until I tried the wool bodice on.  Those dart point bubbles seem much less visible now.  Did I say I love wool?


It looks better on me. Also, I haven’t clipped seam allowances in the neckline or understitched or pressed that part yet which is why the neckline looks a little wonky.


5. I basted the zipper in with silk thread. Tried the dress on.  Had Mr. Mouse pin some excess out.  Rebasted.  Retried.  Pinned some more excess out.  Rebasted.  Retried.  Good.  Look.


I took out 2″/5cm on each side!  (Tapering down to nothing at the waist.)  That is a LOT.  I kind of want to see what the back piece would look like if I removed the 2″ the whole way and got the width back at the waist by removing that waist dart.  Yeah, not now.

6. Souricette 2 walked in as I was putting the dress onto the dress form.  She gave one of those little gasps and told me it was beautiful.  And blue.  She told me it was blue.  And then, she asked if she could touch it.  She could not stop touching.  It isn’t even soft or anything!


7.  I will be done in time.  I still have some finishing up to do at the neckline and zipper.  Then, I get to finish sewing the skirt, set in the sleeves, hem, and do a bit of hand sewing.  I’ll totally have it.  And now, it occurs to me that my girls and I will be dressed in blue…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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2 comments on “Peony Update and a Photobomb
  1. Charity says:

    That’s looking pretty good! Wool is one of the fabrics I haven’t sewn with yet, but you are definitely making me want to try it! Have you seen this method of firming fabrics up with gelatin? Starch would probably be great as well, but the smell makes me dizzy!


    • I’ve had two experiences with wool fabric (not counting sewing with my own knits because that’s a little different) and both have been great. The first was wool melton and this one is, ummm, wool suiting? I’m not sure but it has a twill weave. Wool has a bit of grip to it so it stays put pretty well when sewing. It also presses well.

      I’d never heard of gelatin! Looks easy enough…


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