2015 Creative Goals

I know, I know, everyone does these.  But I actually enjoy reading them.  Besides, I’m discovering that they actually are useful.  Before writing this, I went to see what my 2014 goals were and discovered I hadn’t written them down.  All I can remember is that I wanted to knit myself a sweater.  (Which, by the way, I did!) There had to be more but I can’t remember.  I think I didn’t want to pressure myself or something of the sort.  Which is fine but I find I need some goals to keep me on track.  So I’m doing it this year.  There.


  • My parents gave me a timer remote control for my camera as a combo birthday/Christmas gift.  I will learn to use it so that I can take better self portraits. I have dreams of pretty pictures of mittens on my hands…
  • Keep going with Photo Monday posts.  I need to come up with a list of things to work on.  I sometimes run out of steam for these, to the point of considering quitting.  But I need the practice and these posts are the push I need to keep at it.  Any ideas of thing I should practice?  I’m thinking of smaller items and playing with light more.



  • I have bought 6 classes on Craftsy (fine, 2 were free so I bought 4).  I have watched no videos.  I’m going to be watching those videos and doing the assignments.  I will do at least 2 of the classes.
  • I will try at least 2 new to me fabric manipulation techniques (be it surface design, embroidery, some sort of pleating…)

Personal Sewing and Knitting

  • I will knit myself two more sweaters this year.  Full disclosure: I only have one sleeve to finish knitting on one of them and the other will be a more summery linen top so this isn’t as challenging as it sounds.
  • Knit from stash only.  I seriously want to reduce the amount of yarn I have lying around.
  • I need new mittens. I will knit myself new mittens. Even if I only have them for next Winter.  New mittens will be mine.
  • Sew myself some jeans!  I bought the Closet Case Files kit when they were on preorder and I couldn’t get to sewing them up before 2014 was up.  Those will be my big sewing project this year.  The one that I try to make as perfect as possible.
  • Sew myself more casual tops that make me feel pretty.  I’m not the travelling in pajamas, yoga pants or even sweat pants type.  I like feeling comfortable but together.  I’m okay on the pants/jeans and skirts front but I find I have a hard time with tops. So more tops it is!

Fabric Design

    • I took Lauren Dahl’s Fabric Design workshop on Burda and loved it.  I will upload the designs I made during class to Spoonflower. See what they look like before I design more.


  • I will create a whole collection of prints on Spoonflower.
  • I will participate in at least one Spoonflower contest.

Children’s Sewing and Knitting

  • I will focus on the basics that my daughters need (especially souricette 1 who has gone through a growth spurt and is now the proud owner of plenty of 3/4 sleeve tops). Leggings, tees, skirts.
  • I will have fun with it.
  • I will knit one new pair of mittens because that’s the one knit item the girls actually wear.  And because they’re outgrowing the ones they’re currently wearing.

Machine Knitting

  • I will create at least one new fabric design.
  • I will create at least one new machine knit design.  Hopefully something that doesn’t take forever to make.

Writing (Blogging and Social Media)

  • I will write that final sustainable shopping post (hand knitting yarns).
  • I will post on Instagram everyday (on average).  This may be the hardest goal to reach…
  • I will participate in the online sewing community as much as possible.  That means writing more reviews on Pattern Review, doing pattern tests and contests as much as time allows, commenting on posts…  All that good stuff!

Wow. That’s a lot all written up like that. Eh, I’ve always enjoyed a challenge. It’s going to be an exciting year!

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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4 comments on “2015 Creative Goals
  1. Charity says:

    Your list is almost as long as mine! I’m focusing on fitting and drafting this year, but I might have to add a few of your goals to my list.


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