Help Me Pick a Yarn!

Last year, Ysolda Teague ran this awesome mystery knit along. Every Monday for 5 weeks, we got one “clue”.  Basically, a set of knitting instructions for a shawl.  Each time, there were two options for a grand total of 32 possible combinations!  Only Ysolda knew what the finished shawl would look like.  I participated.  And she’s doing it again this year!

I hemmed and hawed.  I loved getting a clue every Monday, watching everyone else’s shawl take shape, seeing the different combinations, how the different yarn and color choices affected the finished product…  I wanted to join in again so badly.  But nothing in my stash appealed to me and I did say I was only going to knit it stash this year…

I actually started reasoning that I could buy something just for the project, right?  Some people are using gradient yarn sets, 5 hanks going from dark to light in the same color.  So pretty!  I actually looked at them for a long time when I really should have been sewing instead…

I bought the pattern but not yarn.  Yesterday morning, I dove into the stash, determined to find something.  550 yards of fingering weight goodness…

And here’s what I found.


That big turquoise hank is from See Jayne Knit. 500 yards of squooshy merino.  Side note: Are you kidding me?  50 yards short?  Ugh. The light grey is Socks That Rock Lightweight. I made fingerless gloves from that and these are the leftovers.  Definitely not 550 yards but I could use it as contrast with the turquoise? And then, two yarns from Handmaiden, both in small balls and hanks because I knit them and then frogged the item.  The dark one is Sea Silk, definitely not 550 yards but maybe an interesting contrast for the turquoise?  The lighter one is Sea Wool (sadly discontinued).  I have two hanks of it, in several balls.  Normally, two hanks should be enough, over 700 yards.  But with the frogging, I’ve lost some yarn.  Little bits used to sew up the tank I had made.  Little bits for the edging.  Just the fact that two hanks are now several balls…

So what do you think? Turquoise and grey? Turquoise and sea silk? Sea wool?

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3 comments on “Help Me Pick a Yarn!
  1. Charity says:

    Would there be 550 yards with the light grey and the sea silk? That’s the combo I like best. If not, my second choice is the turquoise with the sea silk.


    • Ooooh, grey and sea silk looks really pretty. I may have enough but I can’t be sure. I don’t want to knit the shawl only to run out at the end! It happened last time (I ran out of one of the colors I was using) and I had to put the project in hibernation for a while to get over it.


  2. […] when I asked for help picking yarn for a project?  I didn’t post my choice!  But now, I’ve finished the shawl and you can see how my […]


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