The One Where I Try to Justify Why I Haven’t Shown Anything Good in a While

Weekends are when I usually take pictures.  At this time of year, I stay inside which can cause lighting issues.  My routine is usually to have everything ready to go and to grab the girls or the husband as soon as the light shows up.

It hasn’t been happening these past few weeks and not just because of holiday travel.  Weekends have been reserved for fixing up the house.  Nothing extensive.  Just decluttering, washing, painting…  Prettifying everything.

I always go into those things thinking it’s going to be quick and painless and I’ll be able to do tons of sewing, knitting, picture taking…  Yeah.  Not so much.  And here’s last weekend’s time consuming project.


Two armchairs + two cats = lots of damage.  Doesn’t look so hot, does it?  And the thing is, it isn’t worth reupholstering when there’s still one fully clawed cat in the house.  (Yes, the other one was declawed in front.  No, I did not enjoy doing it.  No, I do not believe in declawing cats.  No, the cat did not overreact when he scratched souricette 2 close to the eye.  But no, I was not willing to risk her losing an eye.)

I had to patch them up somehow.  I had Mr. Mouse bring me some duct tape.  I’m not sure it was necessary but I figure if the clawed cat came at my patches, maybe she wouldn’t like the feeling of the duct tape underneath the patch.  So, I put a teeny bit of polyester fiberfill over the exposed wood and I duct taped it shut.


I measured the biggest damaged area and cut 4 pieces of corduroy from stash a little bigger.  I pinned them in place.  Saying it makes it sound so speedy but no.  It took forever to get them just so.  And I just eyeballed the placement!


Then, I got my trusty old fabric glue and glued the bottom first.  Wait.  Glue the sides.  Wait.  Glue the top, trimming the excess.


Decent looking patch, no? Especially for something that’s really more of a band aid…

There’s still a lot of work to do this weekend but it’s a long one (Monday off!)  Maybe I can sneak in a day to sew and take pictures?


Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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2 comments on “The One Where I Try to Justify Why I Haven’t Shown Anything Good in a While
  1. Charity says:

    Those days where you think you’ll have time to sew and don’t are awful. Much worse than knowing from the beginning that there won’t be time! That is a pretty nice-looking patch!


    • Thank you! Yes, I hate when I end up not doing what I wanted to do because what I have to do took too long. It isn’t so bad when I don’t get to sew because my girls wanted me to play with them. It still feels like quality time, you know? But not getting my sewing or knitting time because I was doing those patches? Yuk. At least, it makes a huge difference in the living room. Those scratches just made the whole place look like it was falling apart. Amazing what such a small detail can do…


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