Kids Clothes Week Midpoint. Sort of.


This was supposed to go up yesterday.  I had the week all planned out. Make 6 things, 2 for each kid in my family.  As long as I managed to make roughly one thing per day, I would be good. Only, I forgot to take one thing into account.  The weather.  Both girls had a snow day Monday and would not let me have an hour to sew all day.  They played outside in the morning while I shoveled and weren’t even tired enough for a nap. Next time, they get to shovel.  Tuesday saw them get a delayed start at school.  Two days of not enough time to myself = way behind on the planned sewing.  So what I was going to show yesterday only got finished and photographed at the end of the day yesterday.  Think I can catch up? Yeah, me neither.

Item 1: little shirt for cousin mouse made out of his dad’s shirt. I just love the idea of making a child’s clothes out of his/her parent’s clothes.  I feel like I’m making clothing shaped hug. (Yes, I’m sappy.)


It’s a size 12 months so should work fine this Summer, maybe into Fall with a long sleeved T-shirt underneath.  Looks like a pretty loose fit.  I used the Kai shirt from Weekend Sewing but I modified it a teeny bit to work with the shirt. The original shirt has this cool twill tape under the buttons so I wanted to keep that. And the welt pockets.


I played with the pattern pieces as much as I could but still ended up losing a tiny bit of one corner on the pockets. The back piece was cut so that I would have that upper back lining part just like in a real shirt. You can see in the top picture that I even managed to keep the tags. Without even trying. That’s how good lucky I am.


Item 2: the one not upcycled thing.  Dressage leggings for my souricette 1.  She practically lives in leggings and most of hers are getting short.


She picked the striped cotton/spandex jersey from my stash and I added the navy blue interlock for the contrast.  I made the size 6 with size 7 length. The extra length wasn’t absolutely necessary but you know how it goes. I don’t want to make another pair next week…


These leggings are so awesome!  I love the separate waistband that lays nice and flat.  The interlock I used doesn’t have a whole lot of stretch but the striped jersey makes up for it. Souricette 2 does not need more leggings but I might make her some like these because they would go so well with…

Item 3: LOL Swing Top.  Back when I made the PRP upcycled outfit for souricette 1, I prepared an old maternity dress of mine to make that top for her.  Souricette 2 saw the fabric (ombré purple rayon) and said she wanted something from that fabric too. So I chose something else for souricette 1 and saved the rayon.  I figured now was the time to put it to good use. I made a straight size 4. She’s actually a 3 but sometimes, when I measure her, she seems to be slowly moving toward a size 4. Huh. Right now, she has space for a tee underneath. Come Summer, she should be able to wear it on its own.


My bias tape is also from the rayon. It was a bit of beast to work with but I love how I didn’t try to match the bias tape to the main body. Actually, not only did I not try but I actually actively tried not to match it…


Love the flow of that rayon…

With a kitty button. Because duh. (Actually, kitty button because souricette 2 didn’t like the top when I showed it to her before it was finished. I thought the kitty button might help. It did. And she refused to remove the top after the pictures despite being cold.)


Now excuse me while I get back to work.  I have some more stuff to transform…

kid's clothes week

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5 comments on “Kids Clothes Week Midpoint. Sort of.
  1. So, so, so cool! You’re fast, despite the snow day!


  2. Louisa says:

    What fabulous outfits! I love the idea of a clothing shaped hug! The swing top is fabulous! It looks like it will be almost as fun as a circle skirt to twirl in!


  3. […] talked up the Dressage leggings before here and here.  And I’ll do it again!  The riding pant style color blocking is adorable and unique.  The […]


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