Kids Clothes Week Wrap Up

And here’s another Kids Clothes Week done.  I only managed to make one more item since the last post. I hoped I would get two done but I ran out of steam.  Rather than sew too fast and botch things up, I took my time with that last hug in clothing form.


I know it doesn’t look like much on the hanger like that.  The light was bad but I had to get the picture.  And the recipient (cousin mouse) isn’t big enough to wear it yet.  This is the Oliver + S Tea Party, playsuit version, size 2.  I had another one of daddy’s shirts to work with.  A striped one.  As you can see, I used the shirt for the bodice, lined with white cotton lawn.  The bottom is blue cotton.  Plain old quilting cotton.  Maybe Kona? I can’t remember.  The buttons have a little whale on them.  So cute!  Hmmm, I should have gotten a close up.  That and my near perfect stripe matching at the sides… I made the pattern as is so there really isn’t much to say.  I did have to get creative because I didn’t have any snap tape. I used some grosgrain and sew on snaps instead.  Man, I hope the kid doesn’t grow so fast that he only gets to wear size 2 next Winter.  My sister will just have to make sure she takes some sort of trip down south!

I still have quite a bit of that shirt left.  I need to think about what I could make with it.  It’ll come to me.

And that’s all I made.  Not bad, right?  I still want to make the other two items I had planned.  I’m thinking of making the one for souricette 1 during her Winter break.  Get her input in the design phase and get her to sew it in part.  Wouldn’t it be so cool for her to wear her own work to school?

I hope to make souricette 2’s item this week.  I plan on making her a dress from an old maternity tank top of mine.  I was going to just sew the straps shorter and the underarm tighter, tapering to the full width at the bottom for an A line shape.  Then add sleeves and a bottom ruffle from an old maternity blouse. I tried it on her to see how much I had to take in.



I didn’t get a picture of it once it was all pinned together.  But trust me, there is a lot to take in. I’m not sure my original plan works so well now.  I may just use the material to cut out a new bodice.  Stay tuned…

kid's clothes week

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2 comments on “Kids Clothes Week Wrap Up
  1. Charity says:

    That little romper is adorable!


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