Haven Acres Collection is Here!

With bonus kitty ears!


Let’s back up a bit first.  I’ve spent the last few weeks testing the three patterns from Jennuine Design‘s new Haven Acres collection.  I really love it.  There’s a legging pattern, a hat pattern, and a blouse pattern.


I’ve talked up the Dressage leggings before here and here.  And I’ll do it again!  The riding pant style color blocking is adorable and unique.  The pattern includes a basic non color blocked version but the dressage version is so much fun that I haven’t been able to make the basic ones yet.


The fit on these leggings is perfect and the waistband makes me happy.  I’ve done leggings with the waistband where you just fold over elastic.  It’s a quick and easy technique.  But I love this waistband more.  It provides a more finished look, you know? These are the 5th legging pattern I’ve tried and they’re easily my favorite.



The Haven Acres blouse has a cute flounce, keyhole detail, and puffed sleeves that can be either long or short.  It’s comfortable and so pretty…  I made this one out of some rayon challis.  The drape is perfect for this pattern.


Finally, the Sweet Pea Cap!  It’s based on those riding hats.  Helmets?  Can you tell I’m not involved in the equestrian scene?  Anyhow, it’s based on those black round helmet hats but with horse ears!


Obviously not horse ears here, huh?  I went rogue.  I did sew up a cap with horse ears but then, I figured that if I was going to make more than one, I might as well play with it.  So I took the ear pattern and transformed it into kitty ears.  Then Jenn took my design and made me a free kitty ear pattern to share.

So here it is, bonus kitty ears: Kitty Ears

To make the kitty ears, you assemble them as in the pattern instructions but skip the folding part. And be careful, you aren’t going to attach them in the same spot as the horse ears.  Horse ears are more on top of the head than cat ears.  Align the top edge of each ear 1/2″ lower than the top marking for the horse ears so that each ear is placed 1/2″ further from the center of the top. Finish the hat according to instructions, and voilà! Riding kitty!

Don’t forget to catch the other testers’ work! Catch the links on Jenn’s blog. (I don’t have all the links to link to from here at this time…)

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8 comments on “Haven Acres Collection is Here!
  1. Thanks so much for helping me test! I love your kitty ears – I know a certain five year old who will love this take on the cap!


  2. Charity says:

    That is a cute outfit! I love that the hat has a proper brim instead of the usual homemade downward facing ones. And those kitty ears are pretty fun!


  3. Great outfit – I like how you used the fabric for bias binding on the top and the lining fabric on the hat. Everything looks so well coordinated without being overdone!


    • Thank you! I had made myself a top with that fabric and made bias tape with the leftovers. I made the blouse first and when I went to make the cap, I actually chopped up my top so that it would coordinate! (Don’t worry, I wasn’t wearing the top much anyway because the neckline was weird.)


  4. […] notice the leggings are identical to that first outfit.  That would be because they’re the same ones.  I do love that grey and black […]


  5. […] 4. Sweet Pea cap pattern by Jennuine Design, made by Deux Souriceaux; […]


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