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I’m so happy to be participating in February Freebies!  When I signed up, I went on a free pattern hunt right away.  And I found a really cool Pinterest board!  At the time of writing, there were 459 pins on that board.  459 free sewing patterns and tutorials for children.  459.  How awesome is that?  Go take a look.  I’ll wait for you.  Don’t forget to come back…

I chose to feature the Janey Jump Around Dress from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. Why that one?  I wanted a new to me designer (I’ve been following along on her blog but haven’t made any of her patterns before).  I wanted something available in a range of sizes.  And mostly, I wanted something that would fit right into souricette 1’s wardrobe.

Souricette 1 wears leggings almost everyday.  If she isn’t wearing leggings, it’s a safe bet to say that’s because they’re all dirty.  So she wears T-shirts almost everyday.  And the funny thing with kids: they grow. T-shirts that fit fine last week are getting short this week.  Next week, I’ll have to hand them over to souricette 2.  Poor souricette 1 is in dire need of new tops.  Now, I love sewing but I don’t want to sew a ton of new T-shirts every month because the souricette keeps growing.  I’ve asked her to stop and she refuses.  Stinker.

The next best thing? Give her growing space.  Long sleeves need to be extra long and tops start out as tunics.

And that’s what I did.


Ok fine.  Short sleeves because souricette 1 requested them.  But with the band to give them a bit more length.

Really, all I did to change the pattern is cut it off at hip level.  Then, I added a band, slightly narrower than the tunic to make it a little blousy.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Bonus: no hemming!


The hibiscus print and navy blue are both cotton/spandex jersey from Girl Charlee.  The neckband was supposed to be ribbing but since the navy blue jersey has spandex, it provides enough stretch to act like ribbing.  Oh! And I used some of that navy blue to make the button loops too.  Just a one inch strip, folded in two (right sides together), sewn with a 1/4″ seam and turned. Then cut in the lengths I needed.


The pink is crap cotton jersey from Joann.  It feels a little papery to the touch and gets holes like woah.  But I was out of navy blue and that one coordinated.


Eh,the pink actually works!  Makes it less obvious that souricette 1 is actually wearing black leggings in the picture…


Hmm, I can see she needs more of those too…


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15 comments on “Flip This Pattern : Grow With Me Janey
  1. Jana says:

    It looks awesome! Just love it! And thanks for mentioning the awesome Pinterest board. 🙂 Best wishes from Toronto, Jana



  2. erickmarnae says:

    Really cute top! I especially like the bands on the sleeves and the bottom. My girls are into leggings too…but don’t have enough longer tunic tops to pair with them. I’d never seen this pattern before, but now I’ve got to try it!


  3. Louisa says:

    Thanks for sharing the Pinterest board! I’m a fan of sewing for kiddos and always on the lookout for new patterns. I like the pink band on the shirt.


  4. 459?!!?!? Are you kidding us?? Whoa….that is some sort of resource!! Your creation turned out TOO CUTE!!


  5. That looks cute and comfy. I have to try this pattern in soon. 🙂


    • Thank you! I think it must be quite comfy because my daughter has been wearing it quite a bit. I do have to give credit to my daughter for picking out the fabric. It makes the tunic so fun!


  6. very cute! Love the fabric and it looks great!


  7. Cindy says:

    Very Cute! I love the bold floral fabric you used.


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