Knitting: Done and Not Done

Remember when I asked for help picking yarn for a project?  I didn’t post my choice!  But now, I’ve finished the shawl and you can see how my choice turned out.


Recognize the darker yarn?  No?  That would be because it wasn’t in the original post…  Oops.  To be fair, I wasn’t even considering it at that point.  When I wrote the post, I thought I would use the light grey.  But then, Charity suggested the darker sea silk and I liked that color combination better.  However, I wanted to stay with a similar texture (the sea silk being smooth and shiny and the other one being woolly).  And I remembered a leftover from another shawl I had knit.  It’s Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Fine and the color is really pretty and complex.  Dark blue with hints of pink/purple and turquoise.  A very subtle heather.


I used intarsia for the stripes to keep the edging turquoise.  It was my second time doing intarsia and my first time having it actually look decent!  I also did the bind off in the darker color.  Just because.

The pattern was loads of fun to knit.  I would love to do another one with the opposite clues (there were two options for each of the 5 clues) but it won’t happen anytime soon.  The textures on this shawl are just so awesome.


Look at those smocked stitches!  And the slip stitches!  And lace!

That would be the done project.

And the not done?  Guess?

Yep, the sweater jacket.  I managed to finish all the knitting, weaving in of ends, and blocking.  And then, this.


Let’s look closer.


See how the collar edging is ruffly?  It isn’t supposed to be like that.  I don’t want it to be like that.  I’m going to have to rip that part out and reknit it.  Did I mention the ends are woven in?  Oh well.  As soon as I feel brave enough, I’m ripping it out almost the whole way.  I don’t feel like picking up the stitches again and figuring out exactly how many I need to pick up.  I’m just going to use a smaller needle and that should tighten it all up neatly.  I’m just debating whether I should go one or two sizes down.  Original size was 7 (4.5mm).  I could use either 6 (4mm) or 5 (3.75mm).  Any opinions out there?

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2 comments on “Knitting: Done and Not Done
  1. Charity says:

    I like that color combination even better… and what a gorgeous shawl! Love the texture.
    That jacket is turning out beautiful… but what a bummer about the edging! Ripping stitches out is one of the worst feelings in knitting- and I end up ripping at least as many stitches as I knit, because I’m definitely a beginner.


    • Thank you! I’ve been staring at the jacket everyday, willing myself to rip out the edging and reknit. Haven’t done it yet. Going to make myself do it this week. I would like to wear it before it gets too hot, you know?


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