Loving Right Now

It snowed again.  I went out to shovel the driveway.  It may well be a good workout but it’s still getting tedious.  Especially since it started snowing again as I was shoveling… But then, I remember what it’s like in the Maritimes. Puts it all in perspective, right? So here’s me trying to focus on happy things that are not shoveling. (Pics are all from Instagram because after all the shoveling, I had no energy left to get pretty blog pictures as well as spend time with the girls.  I chose the girls.)

1. Making jeans! I’m using the Ginger pattern by Closet Case Files and a cotton-lycra denim kit that I got from there too.  I’m done with the sewing but I still need to put in all the hardware.  Oh yes, my kit came with jean buttons and rivets!  Enough for two!  I’ve been learning so much. I can hardly wait to share more…

Seam matching like a boss! (Top stitching not looking bad either...) #gingerjeans #closetcasefiles

Making jeans for the first time! I will conquer topstitching. #gingerjeans #closetcasefiles

2. I’ve started working on a special project that requires some machine knitting.  It’s been months since I’ve done any and I’ve missed it.  Sadly, I can only use it manually because I need to upgrade some software in order to use the knitting program.  But I’m knitting again! I know one sample isn’t much but I only had 2 hours to work with on Wednesday.

Back at it for a special project! #machine knitting

3. This podcast! It’s an interview with the women who created Cloud 9 Fabrics.  I listened to it while knitting on Wednesday and it was fascinating.  And not just for someone like me who has a thing for textile.  It’s the story of two women who saw issues with the way fabric was/is manufactured and who decided to do something about it.

4. I had the girls home all day yesterday.  School, preschool, and gymnastics were all cancelled.  I knew the girls would be bored fast so I found an activity for them on Pinterest.  Baking soda paint with vinegar fun on top. They loved the fizzing!  Especially since, when I demonstrated, I added a “fizzzz” sound effect…

Fizzzz! Baking soda paint with vinegar! #snowdayfun

And then, I put some of the snow I was shoveling into a container and they painted the snow.  I didn’t expect them to be this interested in it but they were fascinated.  That activity lasted a good while.  Two activities in one day?  They were so happy.  (I usually only do one. Or none if there’s too much other stuff to take care of or I’m too tired.)

And now for some painting on snow! #yesstillinpyjamas #snowdayfun

5. This dip.  It’s two parts plain greek yogurts (I use whole milk yogurt), two parts peanut butter (I use 100% peanuts peanut butter), and one part honey.  Mix it until smooth and serve with apple slices.  The girls and I gobble it up.  I love that it gives them fruit and protein.  Yeah, there’s fat from the peanut butter and yogurt.  Yeah, there’s sugar from the honey and the apples.  But overall, it’s one of those snacks that feel like a treat but are actually pretty good for you.  And perfect for kids who need lots of energy.

And now, our favoritest snack ever: apples and peanut butter dip! (2 parts plain greek yogurt, 2 parts peanut butter, 1 part honey)

And that’s what I’m loving right now!  Think the snow will be gone by Easter? (Here, not Nova Scotia.  I’m just hoping it’s gone by July for them…)

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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2 comments on “Loving Right Now
  1. Rebecca says:

    Can’t wait to see your jeans! The topstitching looks great! Love the kids crafts and the knitting looks great. I’m going to try out that dip for the kids, looks yummy 🙂


    • I’m really happy with the topstitching! I confess I love that dip too. I always get a bit of it before the girls finish it. The oldest was actually licking the bowl… I appreciate that, with all the protein in there, it really fills them up so that they’re able to last until dinnertime.


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