She Wants Me to Sew Her What???

Shorts! Souricette 1 wants me to sew her shorts!

A little background first.  I’m testing a new Jennuine Design pattern (which is partially why I’ve been quiet).  This one is an adorable dress that I’m making in souricette 2’s size.  Anyway, souricette 1 spotted the fabric I had used.  A rainbow stripe.

Yeah, you guessed it.  She asked if I could make her something too.

I knew there was a reason I bought two yards of it…

Problem was, souricette 1 wears leggings and tees almost exclusively.  This is a non stretch cotton woven.  So I asked her what I should make her.  She said shorts.


This is a child who used to wear only dresses and skirts.  No pants, no shorts.  Leggings were her only concession.  And when she stopped wearing skirts and dresses?  Still no pants or shorts.  Just leggings.

And she wants shorts now.

I haven’t picked my jaw off the ground yet.  And I’ve been looking for a pattern.  Because if neither of your children wears pants and shorts, you don’t buy those patterns.  You hardly even look at them.  So then, you don’t know what’s out there.

And that’s where I need help.  I don’t want to make short shorts, you know?  But then again, making them longer shouldn’t be a problem.  I want a pdf pattern.  I want a well drafted pattern.  Lined up notches please!  I prefer illustrated instructions as opposed to photos but it’s not a deal breaker.

Here’s what I found.

1. Filles à Maman Clémence Shorts

Photo from Filles à Maman

Great size range, all the way up to 14! The scallop is adorable.  At the moment, it’s my favorite.  But I’ve never used these patterns.  Are they good?  Decent instructions?

2. Little Kiwis Sweet’n’Sassy Bubble Shorts



Photo from Little Kiwis

These ones go all the way to size 12. I’m not crazy about all the variations but the bows are cute and I do have contrast fabric that would work well.  I’ve never used these patterns either. It says it has pictures. 19 pages of them.  I’m sure it’s great for beginners but will it be too much for me? (I get annoyed when there are too many steps for the amount of work to do.)

3. Modkid Zoey Summer Ensemble

Photo from Modkid

This one goes up to size 10.  That’s fine.  Souricette 1 is petite so size 10 should take me all the way to adulthood with her.  I jest, I jest.  Size 10 will only take me to age 16. I’ve used Modkid patterns before, though not a pdf one.  I imagine it’s similar. I like that this one has a top too.  And I like the tabs.

4. Patterns for Pirates Sporty Shorties

Photo from Patterns for Pirates

These go all the way to size 14 too.  I’m not sure this is a great pattern for a woven though.  The samples look like they’re made from knits, no? Looks like an elastic waist and a good amount of ease though.  Could work…  This style might be very useful in the long run too.  Only…  Neither of my girls is really sporty.  Active yes but they’re into the more artistic sports like gymnastics.  Something more fancy would probably go over better.

5. Willow&Co Clover Shorts

Photo from Willow&Co

These go up to a size 12 and I love their classic style.  Also, if I recall correctly, the Willow&Co patterns have been thoroughly checked for notches, no?  I see to remember reading something about that…  The only downside is that I’m not sure it’s a great pattern for a rainbow stripe.  Would love to see them in corduroy though.

6. Striped Swallow Designs Coachella Shorts

Photo from Striped Swallow Designs

Another one to go up to a size 12.  Cute and fun, no?  How are the instructions here?  The drafting?

7. Lil Luxe Collection Haute Shorts

Photo from Lil Luxe Collection

These ones only go up to a size 8. But I do like the skort option.  I still can’t believe the souricette actually wants to wear shorts so the skort feels like a safer bet. Seems like the instructions are illustrated too…

So.  Anyone have any opinions?  Patterns that I should consider?  Obviously, I’ll run all this by the souricette and she’ll have final say but I really want to narrow it down first…  Help!

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6 comments on “She Wants Me to Sew Her What???
  1. Charity says:

    I don’t sew shorts either, so I haven’t tried any of these, but I remember reading the same thing about the notches on the Willow and Co patterns. The Willow and Co pattern I used had photos though, not illustrations. I’d probably pick the first one based on looks alone, so I guess I’m not much help! 😉


    • Well, you’re leaning the same way I am so at least I know I’m not way off base! I think there are a few of the patters that I can eliminate and then I’ll have my daughter choose. I promised her she could help me make them so she’s excited!


  2. jax says:

    How about the class picnic shorts from Oliver + S?


    • Oh, I have that pattern already! I’ll ask my daughter how she feels about them. She hardly wore the first ones I made her (a long time ago!) because something was bothering her in the crotch seam. Maybe if I use a different finishing technique for the seams, she’ll like those ones…


  3. Anne says:

    Have you seen the City Gym Shorts pattern by Purl Soho? It is a free pattern for wovens that goes from about 18 mos. (if I remember right) up through adult sizes. I have made it numerous times for my granddaughter who is 3 and her Mama. They fit really both of them really well and it is easy to customize the look of them.


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