All By Herself (Almost)

Souricette 1 loves to sew.  Not too long.  She can’t sew for more than, say, an hour at a time.  But she can sew and she loves it.  I offered to help her make herself something during her last Spring break.  Something with that rainbow fabric that I used on her sister’s dress.  She wanted shorts at first but then decided on a skort.  This one.


I took care of tracing the pattern and cutting out the fabric.  I chose a size 5 based on her waist but I was afraid it would end up on the short side.  I tried to lengthen it to a size 7.  However, the sizes aren’t nested in a way that makes it easy to choose two sizes. And there are no lengthen/shorten lines.  I cobbled something together but I’m not convinced I did a great job.

I cut the front skirt panels on the bias so that the stripes would run parallel to the bottom edge.  Playing with the stripe placement here wasn’t just for interest. I can’t yet expect souricette 1 to do a great job of stripe matching so I wanted to avoid the issue as much as possible.  I used white cotton for the lining pieces and orange for the undershorts.


Souricette 1 did most of the sewing.  And she did a good job!  I placed a piece of washi tape on the sewing machine to give her a visible seam allowance guide.  I pinned and pressed and she sewed.  I only had to redo one seam where she’d gone off her seam allowance.  I did do the work of basting layers together because I wanted to be sure everything was perfectly aligned.  Souricette 1 did her first buttonholes.  Sure, my machine has a one step buttonhole so it’s easy but she felt so accomplished!


She picked her buttons and I showed her how to sew them on.  She did 2, one inside and one outside.  I did the rest.  Though to be honest, those outside buttons were tricky.  I had to be careful to leave the pocket intact…


Now to figure out her next project…

PS: She loves her skort.  She looks annoyed because she was tired from walking all day.  And I had to grab pictures when I could which meant she was squinting in the full sun…

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3 comments on “All By Herself (Almost)
  1. Charity says:

    I’ve noticed that nesting issue on a couple of patterns before too… it’s not something you really think about until you need it!
    Your daughter did a great job on this skort! The buttons are a fun detail. =)


  2. […] seen that rainbow fabric before here and here.  The yellow is actually leftover from the dress and the orange from the skort (it was used to […]


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