One Big Flower

Not what she wanted, apparently.  Not that I asked her.


Wait.  Back up.

After I finished up my entry for Flip This Pattern and my tests for the Verona Dress, I hit that low you get after you’ve worked really hard.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself.  So I started this class on Craftsy.  Sewing Texture.

Quick review (I’m 70% done with the videos at this point): it isn’t bad but I’m not learning a whole lot.  There are 10 lessons for a total of 5 techniques.  The first 4 techniques get a project too so 2 videos for each of those techniques.  I’ve just learned 3 of the 5 techniques.  The projects aren’t really my thing (a cushion and two quilts; next up is a bag) so I’m trying to come up with more garment projects.  So that means I don’t get much out of the project videos.  The instructor really takes her time with showing the techniques and, while that’s great for people who need more help, I get bored and am left feeling like I could have done way more.  The instructor also has a few quirks that annoy me but they don’t affect the quality of her teaching so it wouldn’t be fair to hold them against her. Hey! At least the projects will get me using the jelly rolls I bought back when I thought I might make a quilt or some other Pinteresty project!

So. I need to come up with projects for each technique.  The first one is twisting strips of fabric.  The instructor makes flowers (circles) with the technique but I would be curious to experiment with stripes or more angled shapes like squares.  Or zigzags!  For my first time though, I decided to go with what the circles.  The cushion project involves sewing a bunch of them close together to cover one side of the cushion.  I decided to change the scale and make one big big BIG one on a simple A-line pinafore.


I used the one from Making Children’s Clothes. I had made the size 2-3 for souricette 1 a long time ago and it was a simple project.  This time, I did the size 4-5 which, as you can see, is way too big. (What? She’ll be 4 in August and she can wear a 4 in ready to wear!)


And actually, that may not be a bad thing.  See, when souricette 2 first saw the flower on the dress, she loved it.  But then, the next morning, she woke up crying because she wanted lots of little flowers, not one big one.  I hoped she would get over it but she hasn’t.  Maybe she will by the time she grows into it?



At least she likes the buttons she chose. (Sorry, forgot to get a close up.)

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2 comments on “One Big Flower
  1. Lori B. says:

    Come ON!!! That’s too cute!
    Do you think if you’d done a bunch of little flowers, she might’ve cried because she wanted one big one? lol


    • Thank you! And yes, it’s a definite possibility! She likes to contradict me, that one. Good thing she makes me laugh all the time! Honestly though, I don’t really care whether she likes it or not right now. As I’ve told the big sister, sometimes I make something that I want to make and if they don’t like it, so be it. This was one of those. Besides, by the time she grows into it, she might like the big flower better! Or, with my luck, she’ll be totally over dresses and will only wear jeans…


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