Kids Clothes Week – A Trio of Tees

A friend of mine has a daughter who saw me sewing once.  I was making a T-shirt and she asked me if I could make her one.  I never really answered and she never forgot.  When I heard that this KCW theme was Wild Things, I thought of her.  That theme fits her so well.

While I was at it, I decided to make T-shirts for my girls too. I went for the same pattern for all three.  Jalie 2805 crew neck tee with the tulip sleeve from Jalie 2806.  I added a reverse appliqué animal to each one.  Because theme.


I dragged my family to Mood to buy some jersey.  I didn’t find anything I liked for Mini (my friend’s daughter) but my girls found this pink rayon-lycra jersey that they loved.  It felt a little slinky and lightweight for my tastes so I tried to find a nice cotton-lycra to replace it.  But I couldn’t find any in that pink that they both loved.  So pink rayon jersey.

Then I took the girls Google image shopping for an animal silhouette. Yes, Google image shopping.  It’s a thing.  That I just made up (unless someone else made it up before me).  Should totally be a thing. Souricette 1 chose a dog silhouette and souricette 2 chose a cat silhouette.  So much for wild things.


The girls also picked the turquoise bamboo jersey from my stash for the reverse appliqué.  That pink is so lightweight that the turquoise does show through a little, making the front a little more purple.  They wanted that.


I have to say, that rayon jersey was a bit of a beast.  I had the hardest time with the double needle hems.  Had to use tissue paper for the sleeve hems and should have used it for the back of the bodice hem too.  The fabric tunneled some in the back. The front was more substantial thanks to that extra layer of fabric so it behaved well. And you can see that the neckline is acting a little loosy-goosy despite the tees actually being the right size. (And I totally screwed up and sewed the tulip sleeves backwards so you see the pretty curve from the back and side instead of front and side.)


Oh! The reverse appliqué!  I did the shape on the sewing machine (with tissues paper underneath to help with stability) and then outlined it with metallic purple embroidery floss.


Now. Mini’s T. Her mom told me that she likes yellow and pandas right now.  Only I couldn’t find a panda silhouette I liked and the trip to Mood yielded no pretty yellow jersey. I asked her mom if she would be okay with tropical flower fabric leftover from this skirt and a dolphin.  She said yes!  So that’s what I made.



No offense to my souricettes but I like this one much better.  I used the flimsy pink jersey for the reverse appliqué part and the same metallic purple outline.  The main fabric is also rayon-lycra jersey but it’s heavier.  Gorgeous quality. I can’t wait to give it!

And now, I have four more days of KCW to go and no plan.  Uh-oh…


PS: Sorry for the crap photography. I had to act quickly after school before the rain hit. I should have used a narrower aperture to have more depth of field…


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2 comments on “Kids Clothes Week – A Trio of Tees
  1. Louisa says:

    I just love the dolphin shirt! The fabric is such fun and it really makes the pink dolphin pop. I have some rayon in my yuck this didn’t work pile. I was thinking that I should give it a second try, but after reading this I think I might just let it sit.


    • Well, the tropical print is rayon but great quality. Very drapey and liquid but still has good substance to it, you know? The pink one is really lightweight. I think it just isn’t well suited to a plain T. I have some in another shade of pink that might be just as lightweight and I plan on trying it in a cowl neck T (why yes, I’m obsessed with cowl necks!). The drape in the fabric might work really well with the drape in the cowl neck. Then again, maybe it’s just crap!


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